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4 things wrong with Okorocha’s ‘Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment ministry’

The creation of Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment ministry by Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, and appointment of his sister Ogechi Ololo as its commissioner is not only ludicrous but nonsensical. 

For anyone who understands the purpose of governance and knows of the magnitude of unhappiness engineered by the 55-year-old ambitious politico, this embarrassment is total.
Here are 5 things wrong with the ministry as compiled by
1. The multiplication of happiness and fulfilment are so basic to governance
 All actions of governments are geared towards achieving happiness and prosperity for their people. It’s called utilitarianism.
Jeremy Bentham, British jurist (February 15, 1748 – June 6, 1832), stated: ‘The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation.’
All ministries and agencies of government are meant to work to achieve these aims. So, creating one is superfluous.
2. Appointing his sister, his former deputy chief of staff and adviser on domestic matters, is simply nepotism
It’s just creating jobs for the boys like we say in Nigeria.
And appointing g family members to public office is not only insensitive but crass.
3. For someone owing civil servants salaries and pensions, it’s a wicked joke
With disenchantment and sadness, multiplication of poverty and desperation all across Imo as the government owes salaries and pensions, this ministry is a slap on their faces.
What is a better way to spread happiness, especially in this season, than payment of salaries and pensions?
4. Tormenting his people with wasteful endeavours
His statues of questionable African leaders ruining their countries at this trying period has again been matched with this ministry.
The butt of jokes in the social media has created another trending topic as the land is assaulted.



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