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Fuel scarcity torments Lagosians

Lagosians are groaning and crying, frustrated that fuel scarcity has further complicated their lives and businesses.

Some of the spoke with were lamenting…


There is no fuel, we are buying at the range of N100, N120, sometimes per litre. It is not easy to get this fuel. If you want to buy fuel, you will queue for more than one hour all because you want to buy fuel. The solution of this scarcity of fuel is in the hands of government.



We spend some hours before we got the fuel. Sometimes you leave your work for a day before we can get the fuel, and we don’t know what cause this. Sometimes people said the NNPC are on strike but we cannot see anybody on strike. But the government should take an action on that.



It is very terrible, we don’t know where we are going to in this country, because we don’t know what is the problem. We always queue before we can get the fuel. It is only government that can find solution to this problem because we cannot live without fuel as you can see everything is expensive.

If you go to market now, you will see what I am saying.



We have been on the queue since, and we can’t still get fuel. We were told that the official price is N86 per litre but most filling stations don’t sell at that price. Even if they will sell at N100 or N120, they should just sell and let us buy instead of just keeping us waiting all day. I don’t really have idea of what is causing this fuel scarcity of a thing but I’m sure those at the top should know, they are not being fair with us and we are really tired.



I have been here for the past one hour but they are not attending to us. They have only sold for five cars since I came, they don’t want to sell for tanks, they prefer selling for kegs because of the extra charge they would collect.

To make the situation worse, they will sell for about 5 minutes then go in to rest and later come back to sell again. This is really crazy, the government should do something about it.


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