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Nigerians roast Aisha Al- hassan over endorsement of Atiku

Nigerians are not pleased with the Minister of  Women Affairs, Aisha Al-Hassan, popularly known as Mama Taraba, for publicly endorsing Atiku as 2019 presidential candidate while still serving as a minster under Buhari’s cabinet. 
In an opinion poll conducted by, a call was made that she should be sacked.
 Here are some of the responses
Sayo Oshunniyi
Why will she be sacked, she shouldn’t be sacked. She has a reasons for saying something like that. She is close to the president, she knows what she has seen with his administration. It is just an expression, there is freedom of speech. It is an expression.
Johnson Adeolu
She should be sacked for saying that. She is the Judas in Buhari’s government. If you are working under somebody and you think the person is not performing, can’t she leave? She is just an opportunist, she is trying to pave way for herself if Atiku comes to power. As far as I am concerned, she is an enemy of the state. Before you know it, opposition would feed on her speech and be attacking Buhari’s government. God is against such people, you can’t be eating under a man and still backstab the person. She should be sacked, something like this should not come from her. After all, we have not enjoyed anything from her ministry.
Davies Victor
I think she should be sacked for saying such a thing. It means she is not loyal to her master, you can’t serve two masters. It is either you love one and hate the other. Even if you are not satisfied with what your boss has been doing with his office, you should keep it to yourself and move on. By saying such a statement, she has gained more enemy than friends for herself.
Yinka Kolawole
Why wouldn’t she support Atiku, she is from his camp, she was nominated by Atiku. Was she not the winner of  governorship election before they turned everything upside down? They had started celebrating her as the first female governor of that state before things went bad. I am not surprised she said such a thing.
Tola Odidan
She said it from her own point of view, she shouldn’t be sacked. People would say it is because of what she said that is why she was sacked. She should be left alone. After all, it is not a hate speech and there is freedom of expression.
Mohammed Danlami
She should be sacked, it is the most reckless statement I have ever heard.
It is obvious 80% of the serving ministers are treacherous, disloyal to the president and capable of bringing clogs in the wheel of progress of Buhari’s administration.
Davies Adewale
She should be sacked, she even came out without remorse to defend her statement. Once she is loyal to Atiku, I don’t see reasons she should still remain in Buhari’s cabinet.
Akin Iyere
Her statement is ridiculous and most unfortunate, she should be sacked.



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