Nigerians score Jonathan low in 2013

-Set fresh agenda for the president

Nigerians have come hard on President Goodluck Jonathan for not living up to their expectations in 2013. Admitting he performed below average, they have set fresh agenda for the president urged him to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people.


Mr. President performed below my expectations. He was busy practicing politics that he neglected his civic duties. He handled the issue of ASUU, Boko Haram still lingers because the president was indecisive. In 2014, he should focus on education, electricity, security and corruption.


President Jonathan’s performance was woeful. He spent the larger part of 2013 chasing shadows. I am not expecting anything from him this year.


Nigerians were expecting much more than talk but action. I observed he did not do much in 2013. A united Nigeria, better Nigeria that we all can call our own, enough of the threat to break up. We can make it as a nation if we present a united.


It’s not easy presiding over this large country called Nigeria, however, he (Jonathan) has not done enough to satisfy the people. In 2013, we had serious security challenges that the government couldn’t solve, we just lived with it.

Government should do more than paying lip service to our problems as a nation. I expect a more secured Nigeria in 2014.


I am an artisan, I didn’t enjoy my work throughout 2013 because of poor electricity supply. So, President Jonathan should stop deceiving Nigerians. I don’t think he is capable of ruling us. Nigeria is too complex for people like him to manage.

2013 was bad economically and politically. Left to me, I don’t expect anything from his administration in 2014 other than what God has for me.


I don’t think there was anything to assess in Jonathan’s performance in 2013. He failed woefully. Security of lives and property was nothing to write home about in 2013. The year witnessed a lot of political upheavals. The economy was in and still in shambles. So, what are we saying?

But I believe there is nothing impossible with God. Let’s continue praying for him. We need a better Nigeria this year.


I don’t think I can point out any tangle achievement of his administration. He should turn on a new leaf. We want to feel his impact this year.


The challenges Nigeria faced last year over-whelmed whatever he might have done. It is not easy tackling the problems this country is going through. He should sit up and make the masses feel his impact this year.


In 2013, he did nothing but he enjoyed all his presidential tours and ignored the development of his country. I expect nothing from him as well. But most important, for God to touch his heart and make him realize that Nigeria is a blessed country. So, he should maintain the country well.


I don’t want to say he has the worst tenure ever but there is no good thing to say about him because he played all through in 2013. No changes were recorded. I expect him to stop raising our hopes and concentrate on quality service to Nigerians.


President Goodluck Jonathan has not lived up to the expectations of Nigerians. He should please give us light (power). Our roads are also not in their best shapes while unemployment rate is very high.


Jonathan has not failed the nation, although he needs to do more. We still need power and other infrastructure necessary to grow the economy. The issue of security should also be addressed by the federal government.

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