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Nigerians unbothered about panic tale trailing Miranda, Lucozade consumption

Despite the news making the rounds that Mirinda and Lucozade drinks are not fit for consumption, Nigerians have reacted and are unperturbed about the news as released by CPC. sampled opinions of Nigerians about the development…


Abeni Azeez

I am not aware that Mirinda is not fit for consumption. In fact, I am hearing it for the first time. I still drink Mirinda and would continue to drink it.


Opeyemi Salawu

I think they don’t just want us to take soft drinks again. This is dangerous to your health, that is dangerous to your health, what do they want us to be drinking. I am hearing it for the first time really.


Biodun Oni

It is coming as news to me. Funny enough, Mirinda is my favourite drink. It would be quite difficult to stop it. The best is to drink water.


Funsho Atobi

I only know of Sprite and Fanta, now it is Mirinda and Lucozade, God will help us. I can stop drinking them but it would take time.


Agbetoye Toyin

It is coming as a surprise to me. I still drank Mirinda yesterday. It would be difficult to stop it really.  I must take a soft drink every week at least, I am used to it.


Ada Nwachukwu

That is new to me. I am not a fan of Mirinda though, so it cannot affect me in any way. I take more of Sprite fan, so it was difficult to stop it when the news about Sprite hit the air.


Moses Simon

I saw it online but I didn’t take it serious. I hope Nigerians can comply. The news started trending online after CPC (Consumer Protection Council) released a statement indicating that Mirinda, Lucozade drinks are unsafe for consumption because they contain benozoic acid above NIS limit.

According to CPC, Mirinda contains between 0.56mg/L to 330.9mg/L benozoic acid while Lucozade contains between 2.26mg/L and 323.53mg/L and the NIS (Nigeria Industrial Standard) limit for benozoic acid is 250mg/kg with vitamin C and 300mg/kg without vitamin C.





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