NTFS producer, designers speak on the show (3): ‘My designs are chic’- Eniola Akintunde, Styles by Saennys


How do you feel showcasing your designs at NTFS?

It’s wonderful, it’s a platform for people to know what we are doing, although we are many in the industry but my designs are different.  To God be the glory, I was the best designer in Nigeria by City People 2013 and I have also acquired other awards.  I am a bead designer, I mainly work with gold.  My designs are chic.

What stands you out from other bead designers?

I work mainly with gem stones.  My beads are different.  I work with high grade polished pearl, corals.  I have my own concept and its proudly Nigerian product.

How many times have you showcased your beads on NTFS?

This is my third time. I first showcased my beads on NTFS in 2009.

What has been the experience so far?

It has been wonderful and successful so far, I thank God.

Would you say NTFS has given you a platform to make more customers?

Yes, they have.  Before the show, we were interviewed on Galaxy Television.  That is a way of advertising us.  It’s a beautiful and wonderful platform.

How price friendly are your designs?

My designs are expensive because of the material I use.  You can’t want a high quality stone and expect it to be cheap.  Although we also make for people who can’t afford the high quality stone.  So, I have something for everybody.

The business of bead making is very challenging, how are you coping?

I am coping because I have carved a niche for myself because I make quality beads.

Tell us more about yourself.

I am Eniola Akintunde, a graduate of Industrial Relation from University of Lagos.

What made you go into bead making?

When I finished from UNILAG at a very late age, I was over 30 and I knew it would be difficult to get a job.  After my National Youth Service Corps, I was with my sister in her shop when a lady came to advertise her makeup products.  I saw the earrings on her ears and I asked her where she got them, she told me she made them. I paid for three weeks training after three days, I was able to make beads and I was also creative.

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