Obesere blows hot over K1’s controversial fuji history

‘He’s talking bull s..t’
Fuji star, Alhaji Abass Akande (Obesere) has finally lent his voice on the raging controversy over Fuji creation as orchestrated by Fuji king, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde, better addressed as K1, in his recent statement which denied his late mentor and music godfather, late Sikiru Ayinde Balogun (Barrister) the glory of the creation of the genre. Omo Rapala, as Obesere is fondly called, described K1’s statement as nothing but bull s..t.
Speaking with encomium.ng on Friday, April 8, 2017, the new Alhaji Agba of Fuji further described K1’s utterance as  not only misleading but arrogant. He, however, labelled  him as a mischief maker whose action is usually targetted at causing avoidable confusion among Fuji practitioners.
“What do you expect me to say again? A lot of people have spoken on the issue. Wasiu Ayinde is an ingrate. He’s full of bitting any finger that’s feeding him. To start with, what’s Barrister’s offence that you can not forgive him. After all, the man is dead. So, what are you still fighting him for? Instead of praying for the man who you constantly describes as your father, mentor and boss, you’re rubbishing him in public. That shows how bad and arrogant Wasiu is for those of you who don’t know him well.
“I believe, somebody needs to call him to order. He’s fond of causing unnecessary misunderstanding in the genre. If not, who asked him about the history of Fuji? It’s  uncontroversial, Fuji was created by Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. All the people Wasiu mentioned only practised Sakara and were till death. Even, Wasiu himself pronounced Barrister Fuji creator in one of his albums in the early 80’s. Even, Wasiu wasn’t Ayinde, his real other name was Ishola,  but for him to rise along with Barrister’s name, that’s why Barrister gave him the name, and he has since been addressed as Wasiu Ayinde Barrister until in 1992 when he suddenly changed to Wasiu Ayide Marshal.  So, why is it now that he’s hammering on that?
“The funniest thing is that, this man loved and even embraced you from the beginning even when you’re still a child. And he was always diplomatic about any issue that concerned you because he took as his child. That means all K1’s cry the day Barrister was celebrating 60th birthday was fake.
“Left to me, I know Wasiu well that’s why I don’t want to be close to him. All other young artistes, including Saidi Osupa, Pasuma, Malaika and others that saw him as their King and everything have been rubbished. They have all understood him now, and that’s why everybody keeps distance from him. He’s such a person. Even, he does it to his fans. He can rubbish anybody any time. I think the angel working with him is the one constantly telling him to insult others. That’s why he behaves that way, and I don’t think he can change.”
Asked about the rumoured hit album coming up in respect of the controversy, he reacted, “Yes, why not? I can’t deny that. Something hot is on the way concerning the issue because we need to set the record straight.”

– TADE ASIFAT for encomium.ng

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