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Olori Wuraola has made a mockery of the crown, Nigerians react

The last has not been heard about the messy tales of separation between the paramount ruler of Ile-Ife and his estranged wife, Olori Wuraola Zainab Otiti. As fresh tales troop in as to what becomes of the man who married a king’s ex-wife, some fear the consequence of such act and pity the Olori who is just in her thirties. With speculations on rituals available for cleansing the Olori off the mess, spoke with Nigerians on whether the Ooni should take Olori Wuraola back.

Below are their mixed reactions.



It’s not about taking her back, Wuraola herself is not interested in the marriage anymore. They’ve been covering the issue ever since, she let everything out herself. That shows she didn’t love his royal highness in the first place, she only married him for recognition and she has gotten that. She is a socialite, and her position restricts her from socialising too much. That didn’t go down well with her. I will advice the  Ooni to go back to his first wife, the mother of his child.



One can’t dispute the fact that God hates divorce. With all the cultural lineage and background of the yorubas, the Olori has disrespected the throne and I believe the King should just allow her take a French leave.



He should take her back if he likes. I don’t know about Wuraola’s behavior, he knows her better than anyone else. If he can still cope with her, he should take her back. It’s quite difficult to judge when matter concerns man and wife.



I think he should just take her back. They should lead by example. Divorcing less than two years after marriage doesn’t speak well of them. He should take her back, for dignity sake.



With the little I read about Ooni of Ife and Olori Wuraola, I learnt she was the one that made the move to leave, but I don’t know what actually transpired between the King and herself. She was the one saying some things that the marriage was over. I think the situation is uncalled for, for a majestic throne. My take on the issue is that since she released the official publication on the issue, she should not be allowed back because things like this will still unfold in the future if she is allowed back. I just hope she knows the implication of what she has done.



I cannot really judge that because I don’t know what actually led to the separation. I am indifferent on the issue.



The Ooni never said he has divorced her, she is the one going about saying what she likes. If she is willing to comeback and the Ooni wants her, let them reunite. There is love in reunion.



Once a woman uses her own hands to pack her things out of her husband’s house, she has no right to come back. It is a big slap on the monarch’s face if he allows her back. He should never take her back. He is a King, he can get any woman he desires.



He should take her back if she has realised her mistake. He should just have mercy on her because no man would marry her if he does not take her back. He should just ensure he gets a new wife, Wuraola is not worthy to be an only wife.



She doesn’t deserve it, she has made mockery of the throne. Let her go outside and see if the world is that sweet. She wants freedom, then the Ooni should give it to her. There are several women out there dying just to get noticed by the Ooni, she had her way and messed it up. She should not be taken back even if she wants to come back.


– Azeezat Kareem




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