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This is the most trying month in Olori Wuraola’s life

August 2017 has emerged the most trying yet in the life of Olori Wuraola Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi, the estranged wife of Ooni of Ife (Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi).

From a respected Queen, she’s again single with all sorts of tales hovering around her as their 16-month marriage becomes history. 
In 30 days, the once envied household of the royal couple is the subject of salacious gossip they are trying to debunk. 
In many ways, August 2017 has been unkind to the beautiful Queen of the Source. 
And here are ways August has tried her patience and love as compiled by
1. She was given a 30-day ultimatum to move her things from the palace. 
As their troubles multiplied and the marriage suffered fatal injuries, Ooni gave his wife a 30-day ultimatum to remove her personal effects from the palace.
This ultimatum was in the first days of August.  And once the ultimatum was issued, Her Highness Zaynab Otiti Obanor left the palace.
2. The meeting at Lagos airport on Saturday, August 12, 2017, exposed their crisis to the world. 
When King and Queen met at Lagos airport on their way to a wedding in Abuja and ignored each other, the marital mess escalated and became public.
3. News of their marriage troubles hit the internet on Monday, August 14.
The news was coloured with different scandals portraying the royal couple in bad light. And since they couldn’t talk about it publicly, the stench of the scandals hung on their garments.
The feeble denial was ridiculed as more sensational details decorated websites.
4. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was visited on Tuesday, August 15.
And a third party outside their families was invited to listen to all the unpalatable details between husband and wife.
5. Olori Wuraola moved her personal effects out of the palace on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20.
And the information leaked to the press as details of a $25,000 bedroom set she reportedly bought in Lebanon and was not allowed to be removed was well documented.
The messiness of the scenario irritated those who preach good form.
6. She visited Hearts of Gold Hospice on Sunday, August 20, in Masha, Surulere (Lagos) but it turned into a PR disaster.
The release of the pictures of the children on social media upset Mrs. Laja Adedoyin who was led to believe that the visit was private.
And the clarification that money promised the hospice and 19 other homes at the February 24 Give Back concert was yet to be redeemed further added to the misery.
7. She distanced herself from the payment to the 20 homes on Tuesday, August 29.
Olori Wuraola had to distance herself from being the cause of the delay in giving cheques to the homes.
Apart from telling that only 10 percent of the pledges have been redeemed, she posted on her instagram page that the House of Oduduwa is responsible for disbursement.
8. She confessed to the collapse of the marriage in the morning of Wednesday, August 30.
Earlier today, Olori Wuraola Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi reverted to her maiden name and admitted that the marriage had packed up.
The revelation exposed the lies fed the press that the marriage was big, strong and enduring.
9. She is trying to pick up the pieces of her life in Abuja where she plans to start afresh. 
This August has been frenetic in the life of Olori Wuraola as events unfolded in torrents, disrupting her life and forcing her to start afresh.



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