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Evans’ guilty plea causes sensation on social media

Kabiesy Ojeabulu
Oh yeah , he pleaded guilty , the constitution is just too flexible on elements like this . why on earth would a reasonable law be according a fairearing to man who has confessed to armrobbery murder and kidnapping of law abiding citizens , even to notable nigerian who work legitimately to pay their taxes . employers labours who their investment has brought some sighs of relief to our unployed youths ? Apes like evans does not deserve a right to life , hence he’s dennied other their right to life . wasting time and funds to hearing is case is annoying . I beg .

Abdulraheem Sherif Adavuruku
First tym a criminal will plead guilty in Nigeria..
Possibly because he is not a political criminal…
I heard his tribal people said he should be forgiven and be freed because he was trying to survive…
Nigeria is in a tribal mess..

Pearl Uche
So… Finally this one too is about to pass! What if he had pleaded ” not guilty’? Will the police evidence withstand the fire of cross examination that will follow?? Will the police be able to secure a conviction giving the circumstances of this case.?? We will never know. I had looked forward to the trial. Anyway, this is good riddance to bad rubbish.

Adetunji Adeoyo
Beautiful! It is even better that this idiot has pleaded guilty, and saves everybody’s time and energy in arguing unnecessarily in court. This is a beautiful development. And because of this development, i don’t think anybody will because of this prescribe a lesser punishment that will not merit the gravity of his crime.
Evans has only admitted to being a criminal. The law still stipulates he should be punished accordingly.

Emeka Odikpo
So Evans the kidnapper has pleaded guilty to the charge of kidnapping. Very considerate evil man. No time wasted on long trial.

Bashọ̀run Gáà‏ @Oddy4real
I believe Evans struck a deal with the prosecution- Plead Guilty and get a Light sentence.

Olusegun Alli.‏ @olusegunalli
Can Evans the notorious kidnapper plead anything other than Guilty to all evidence? Face the gulag now. #Death by hanging.

snazzy Leo‏ @snazzyleo
Evans pleaded guilty after hearing 14k per day meal for prisoners.
Kidnapping is not even giving that much 😄😄😄

Nafiu T‏ @nafeezi
Evans the kidnapper pleaded guilty on his own but some ruffians were shouting free Evans. there is an epidemic of neurosis in this country

Emameh Gabriel‏ @EmamehGEmameh
It is true when the police said Evans was the smartest criminals ever in Nigeria. First appearance in court, the dude pleaded guilty.

Now that Evans has pleaded guilty, how about those #FreeEvans people, I hope they are OK with him?

Ife‏ @ifetexoracle
So EVANS has finally pleaded GUILTY 🤔 after all this display 😏.

razaq lalas‏ @rlalas
Evans is the first high profile criminal that pleaded guilty,I guess he is tired of mamarazzi.

Ben Figo‏ @CallMeBenfigo
Evans probably pleaded guilty because he knew he’d get life imprisonment.
He’d have been facing death penalty if his victim had died.

Kazeem Jelili. O‏ @kjelili1
Evans the kidnapper has pleaded guilty. Judge pls slam him 70yrs asap, then returned to farm to feed all the families he once kidnapped.

Akorede Khameel‏ @is_akorebami
It’s rare to see anyone says he’s guilty even in the face of evidences. Evans has just pleaded guilty to charges before the judge.
Gabriel Abhulimen‏ @GAbhulimen
@tvcnewsng #JH The same Evans who went to court to ask for discharge has pleaded guilty. What a witty kidnapper.

Simon Seyz‏ @simonwada
If common criminal/kidnapper (Evans) could plea guilty to all counts. What happened to the conscience of others?



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