7 likely reasons Evans pleaded guilty to kidnapping

Shock greeted the guilty plea of Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike (better known as Evans) today (Wednesday, August 30) as he was arraigned at Lagos High Court in Ikeja (presided over by Justice Hakeem Oshodi).

But keen observers were not really surprised as the kidnap kingpin’s case appeared settled following his arrest on June 10, 2017, at his 3, Fred Shoboyede Street residence in Magodo (Kosofe area of Lagos).
Those who have followed the case listed 7 likely reasons Evans pleaded guilty. And presents their arguments:
1. The victim, Mr.  Donatus Duru, is alive to tell his story. 
Kidnapped on February 14, he paid a ransom of €223,000 (N100 million) on April 12, 2017. He managed to escape, and his disappearance and revelations led to Evans’ arrest.
With riveting details provided by Mr. Donatus Duru, what chance does he stand? Don’t forget that his bravery led to the arrest of Evans’ accomplices and eventual capture of the dreaded kingpin.
2. This particular case is watertight. 
With the victim alive and as a prosecution witness, the case was painstakingly assembled as Mr. Donatus Duru remembered details and later kept records.
What’s more he paid the ransom which escalated the punishment to 21 years for the kidnappers.
3. The evidence in the other cases are overwhelming. 
Apart from chirping like a canary, the evidence collated by the police is overwhelming.
Even the way and manner he was nabbed with sophisticated gadgets at the disposal of the security agents are enough to tell Evans that he would be wasting time by fighting in court.
From Nigeria to Ghana and South Africa, thorough investigations went on.
4. He’s plotting to save his wife and children. 
Evidence of his wife’s culpability abound – and if he puts up a fight, Mrs. Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike will be picked and arraigned as co-conspirator who benefitted from the proceeds of crime. And his five children’s future will be further jeopardized.
5. He’s bargaining for a lesser sentence. 
With a guilty plea, he stands a chance of being treated with mercy and handed fewer years in jail.
But the senrencing is at the discretion of the judge.
Don’t forget, there are over a dozen cases against Evans, and this is just one of them.
6. He’s showing that he’s a brave man till the end.
Pleading guilty shows that Evans his brave and can face what’s ahead. Lying about his crime’s odyssey would cheapen his exploits.
But he also presents a picture of repentance.
7. He’s saving everyone’s time, energy and resources which the justice system applauds as he’s advised.
He’s now on the side of justice as he saves us all the rigmarole of trial.
This is a plus in his favour. And whoever advised him to take this route has given Evans a chance…



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