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Parents apprehensive as schools resume next week

Third term vacation that looked like it is forever is gradually over, and parents are preparing for their children and wards’ resumption. sampled opinions of parents on how they are preparing for resumption…


Mrs. Adeyori

Yes, we are preparing for resumption. It is next week, by God’s grace. I have bought few things for the children. With that they can resume next week.

Their school fees was not increased, even at that, we are not ready for school fees payment. Hopefully, we will be able to pay before the end of the month. Things have not been easy really since recession started but we are moving gradually.


Mr. Sunday Awodiji

We are not yet prepared at all, they are resuming on the 18th and not next week. They are still at their uncle’s place, they will be back next week.

Their school fees still remain the same.

I have not bought anything for them. Hopefully, they will get it for them over there.

One of them has a scholarship, while the other two, we would sort out in no distant time.


Mrs. Funke Joshua

Resumption is next week. We have bought some of their books and other necessary things in preparation.

They increased their school fees last term so there is no increment now.

We are in the Hands of God really, we hope to pay for one person when school resumes. Then, we will pay for the other person next month.

Recession made things worse, more people are withdrawing their children and wards from private schools.


Mr. Taiwo

We are far from being prepared. Very far from it. I still have outstanding to pay from last session. So we don’t know where to start this session. I just pray they will allow them this term while we look for means of settling our debt.

School fees has not increased. I pray I don’t get to that level of withdrawing them form private to public school.


Mrs. Oguneye

We are not prepared at all, my blood pressure have increased since last week. I am worried about them resuming.

Their school fees did not increase, we are still owing half of last term school fees.

I have pleaded and pleaded I don’t know what to do again. The next option is to take them to public school but I want the best for them. I pray business will boom so I can do the needful.


Mr. Shehu Adamu

I am not yet prepared because I don’t have the money. It is when you have the financial backing that you can make preparations.

My children may not go on Monday because we have a back log of debt to pay. Until our outstanding is taken care of, they can’t resume.

Their school fees was not increased.


Mr. Daniel Samuel

We are preparing psychologically but financially we are far from been prepared.

I couldn’t complete payment of necessary fees last session, so I am not prepared at all.

Their fees was not increased, even at that, I don’t know how to clear the outstanding.

We are in the hands of God really.


Mr. Oke

We are not prepared at all. I don’t even know where to start.

Their fees was not increased. If they like they should increase it, they wouldn’t see most of their pupils.

I am hoping to take a loan from my boss, I pray he grants my request.


Mrs. Okey

My children wouldn’t resume till two weeks times. I have bought the needful, we still have other things to buy, that would be much later.

The most important thing is to buy what the children will need immediately.

As for the school fees and books, it all depends on their dad. He has given me money to buy some books, we would complete them much later.

Thank God, their school fees did not increase.


Mrs. Oladapo

Resumption is next week, we are preparing but it is one step at a time.

There is a slight increment in the school fees but it is not much.

The school management has been very cooperative. They allow parents to pay in installments. At least, you can pay three times for each pupil. What they don’t allow is to owe more than 80% by the time the children would start writing their exam.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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