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Flaunting of personal belongings on social media is common practice in Nigeria where the craze gets more competitive daily. Some engage in it for show of class, while some see it as nothing but fun.

Most Nigerian entertainers are neck deep in this act by breaking the news of their new acquisitions via their Twitter or Instagram accounts. Some atimes pose with such items, letting the public know their new status.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some celebrities on this and they all stated their reasons for engaging in the practice.

But according to a security expert and Lagos State Police Command spokesperson, DSP Joseph Offor, the practice is dangerous and unreasonable as it’s a security risk.

“It’s not advisable for anyone, whether you’re a celebrity or not, to post your personal acquisitions on social media. Such a thing is very risky. And those doing that will only end up putting the police on their toes.”



I post a lot of real stuff, and by real stuff I mean things that people shy away from. I make sure I use the platform to impact my fans. A hundred and something thousand fans need encouragement, they may not have people who encourage and inspire them positively. So, I post a lot of encouragement, a lot of love and, of course, spiritual things as well. I advise them on things to do and things to away from, not that I’m a preacher, but they like it and it challenges them. We are on social media to impact ourselves and learn from each other, and if I don’t give out, I don’t know what I might receive in return. I give them life truths.

It is not advisable to show off what you have. They are people that are richer than celebrities but you don’t see them showing it on social media. You won’t even know they have these things unless you see them maybe driving the car. How much do you have that you are showing off?! We should learn to save money, I wasted a lot of money in the past that I now regret. I advise them to save money instead. Again, a lot of the fans following us celebrities do not have these things, so showing off your stuffs would be like rubbing your wealth in their faces. Once in a while, you buy something and you are appreciative.


Oge Okoye 1-Fullscreen capture 9302015 10543 PMOGE OKOYE,  Actress

For me, social media is a medium to connect with fans, chat with them, share thoughts and keep in touch. What I post is dependent on my mood and what I’m doing at that time – I post my everyday life. You can’t tell people not to post their belongings on social media. If someone feels they want to, go ahead!


JOHN  FASHANU, ex-footballer

As a celebrity, you can’t afford to leave yourself out of what’s happening, you want to be part of the news. We are creators. Social media is one channel through which you can reach everybody all over the world, and as celebrities you want to reach your audience.

The world is changing, as it always happens. I think people have to start protecting themselves, their families and their belongings. It’s not advisable to put your stuff out there in the media, showing that you have this or that. There are some things that we must keep to ourselves in order to protect ourselves.

They are good people on social media, but there are also bad people. And the problem is, you can’t tell them apart.


Didi 1-Fullscreen capture 9302015 10037 PMDIDI EKANEM,  Actress

Basically, I post inspiring updates. I just want to reach out to people and inspire them. My mood determines my posts, mostly. They are my quotes, I don’t think I have ever copied and pasted any before. The quotes are my thoughts, my feelings.

Posting personal belongings on social media is an individual thing. If a celebrity feels they want to let the world see their stuff, it’s your choice! If I feel I want to, I will.



Most of my social media posts are based on project at hand.

I just don’t post stuffs like that. I post them because they are positive things from my end. It is either that I want my fans to know about it or I want it appreciated.

Not at all. Instead I get good, positive and encouraging comments from my fans because most of my posts are based on community projects.

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