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Producer Lizzy Anjorin speaks about what life has taught her as she adds another year

+ Why I toured Europe

 DELECTABLE actress, Aisha Lizzy Anjorin is known as one of the most fashionable faces in the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood and also as a serial entrepreneur.  The Badagry, Lagos born actress cum film maker in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly opened up on her Saturday, April 4, 2015 birthday celebration with the less privileged, her greatest lesson and her European tour.

How does it feel being a year older?

I feel happy, honoured for the fact that Allah has blessed me and He is still blessing me.  I can’t stop thanking Him for His grace and for keeping me.  For the fact that I am still alive, I know I have so much to do.

What are you most grateful for at this age?

It is not easy being an orphan, being a woman, a single mother and also being alone.  But I am most grateful to Almighty Allah for protecting me despite all the hurdles.  He has been faithful and I remain grateful for that.

What would you say is the greatest lesson life has taught you thus far?

Life has taught me to always be myself and never to depend on people.  I have learnt to think about myself and my immediate family first before I think about other people.  I have come to learn that life is also too short so, I have to live healthy. Not that I am better than other people but I am now very watchful.

How would you count your blessings over the years?

I cannot stop giving thanks to Almighty Allah for seeing me thus far because it has only been by His grace.  Before my mother passed on, she was able to give me the history of my birth.  She said when I was born, people called me ‘Dogbo’.  Although I was too young to know the reason for that name but anytime I was called that name, it thrills me a lot.  According to history, I was told my mother gave birth to me after the due date or expected period of delivery which was what initiated the name.  Initially, my mother was mocked because she was already getting old before God finally answered her prayers and she got pregnant.  Even at the early stage of the pregnancy, people still did not believe she was pregnant.  She was even mocked the more, especially when she was told she had fibroid.  Even when she gave birth to me at her old age, people still mocked her saying, ‘After all, it is only one child she gave birth to’ and the child now happens to be a girl.  Despite the side talks, my father still remained grateful and he named me Yemokume meaning ‘you shall succeed even before your enemies.’  And I am happy because my name has manifested in my life.

In what special ways did you celebrate your birthday?

It was indeed a very special day for me and at the same time it felt like every other day except from the cake competition from family, friends and fans which started coming in from 5 a.m.  I celebrated my birthday at Real Pride Motherless Babies Home.  Myself, my family and friends spent the whole of five hours with me playing with the children, having fun.  I would say it was a fun day for me.  In fact, when the cakes still kept coming to my house, I had to tell people to bring the cake to where I was having the party because I know the cakes would never be too much for the kids.

How do you feel anytime you have to celebrate your birthday with the needy?

I feel very happy and overjoyed that I am capable and opportune to put smiles on their faces all the time.  I do not only celebrate with them on my birthday, I make sure I pay them a visit twice a week.  Not that I have a particular orphanage that I visit, I go to different orphanages within Lagos.

What has taking care of them and celebrating them taught you over the years?

What I have is just God’s grace, not just me but all of us.  Right from when I was a lot younger, giving has always been part of me. I do this because I feel I am doing the right thing God loves and supports as well.  While I was much younger till date, I care for people – old, young and the special people.  I take care of the old people because I want people to do that to me when I am old.  I take care of the young because I want my child to enjoy favour anywhere she goes and I take care of the special people because I want people to treat me specially.

You recently got back from U.S, can you tell us about it?

I do not think there is anything special about travelling out of the country but at the same time, people think differently.  I travelled to three countries, U.S, U.K and Germany before coming back home.  I feel it is my time because there was a time I could not travel out of Nigeria. I travelled to South Africa, Dubai, U.K and now U.S.  Life is all about time.  While on my U.S trip, some people still called to mock me and say all sorts but I do not care.  When I applied for my U.S visa, it was a group thing but I was the only one denied visa while the rest of the group got two weeks visa to the United States and they all mocked me.  But fortunately for me, I received a call two weeks later from the embassy and I was given a two year visa to the United States.  The major thing is either good or bad, people will talk.  Also, as a businesswoman, I can travel to any country to buy goods to satisfy my customers.

What else should people expect from you?

For now, I still want my fans to concentrate on my just concluded six movies.  Right now, I am taking a break because I am a kind of producer that produces a movie once a year.  It takes a lot of energy.  With all things being equal, I should be one of the A-list movie producers in the industry.  I do not produce any kind of movie, rather I use my movie to preach the gospel.


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