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Recession pains: Nigerians trek more as fare increases

As a result of the deregulation in the petroleum sector, motorists now hiked fares forcing a lot of Nigerians to walk their way just because they can’t afford the transport fare.  ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with Nigerians, some of whom can no longer afford transport fare. In the chat, they admitted that they now trek more to save cost.



Yes, I trek some distance just to reduce my transport fare. With the state of things now, one needs to be careful how one spends money. Moreover, it is just a way of exercising. So, it is nothing tedious for me. I have to calculate the amount I will spend in a day, I try to cut down cost a bit.



I trek some distance when I am not tired or going home late. I have no choice most times because I don’t usually have enough on me. So, I have to look for ways of reducing cost at all costs. Trekking is part of it



I don’t usually trek, I do it if I don’t want to take a straight transport to my destination. That will happen if I am not too late for an appointment.



I have not been trekking, how much would I save that I will kill myself. Most people think it is an exercise, I don’t see it that way. I categorise it as undue stress. I try to avoid it. I take the most convenient means of transportation to my destination.



I trek only when there is holdup and I cannot wait endlessly for traffic to reduce. If the distance is not too far, I trek a bit and it works because I would get to my destination before people in traffic.



I trek when I am in company of friends. It is usually not easy to trek a long distance all alone. It is when we are like four or five that I trek. We would talk; argue till we get to our destination. Most times, I don’t feel it because we are always busy discussing.



I trek only when they hike transport fare. Even if it is just N20 difference, and I have calculated the money on me, I just trek some distance to reduce the extra added.



I am a factory worker earning less than N40,000 in a month. So, how do you expect me to be boarding buses every day? Out of how much? Even, at that, I can’t save anything from my income. Before now, we’re managing but since some months back, it’s not enough to feed my last born let alone the whole family. My wife has been very supportive, that’s why we’re able to cope. I trek from Fagba to Ikeja almost every day. It’s only when I am coming in the evening that I reduce the trekking, I always trek from Ogba to Fagba. Now, I am used to it.



Trekking is no big deal this time around. It’s what many people do almost every day to cut transportation cost. What’s the essence of paying double transport fare when you can reach your destination in less than 30 minutes by trekking? I save the cost and spend it on food. The salary I earn as a teacher can’t feed the whole family now, and lean sources of income have been blocked. So, we’re all depending on the thin source of income. So, I decided to be trekking to and from. It’s only during the long holiday I rested at home a bit without any money on me.

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