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Nigerians eagerly await real end of recession

Ever since Nigeria has been in recession, the country’s economy has been in disarray and this has led to groaning from all corners. There has been speculations that the country is out of recession. 

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, the Nigerian government announced that the country is bouncing back economically. 

The confirmation comes amid earlier speculation of a positive outlook for the Nigerian economy. The Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics confirmed that the country is finally out of recession with a positive growth in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The confirmation was made by Dr Yemi Kale, the statistician-general of the federation, in the morning of Tuesday. With this development, ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to Nigerians on how they feel now that Nigeria is out of recession.

 Here are their responses….


Sodiq Lawal

I can’t say Nigeria is out of resection because it has not shown any good effect. Things are still the way they are but we hope it will change soon and we truly go out of this recession.


Agbeleye Tunji

I don’t agree we are out of recession yet. What do they use in calculating this inflation of a thing? If truly inflation has dropped then it should reflect in all the commodities we purchase. The price of things we buy are still on the high side.


Arowoyewun Jeleel

Nigeria is not out of recession yet, there is no sign. We can’t feel it, even the petrol that they claimed has reduced in price, some filling stations have not complied. What are the indices they use to determine we are out of recession? They should go on the streets to ask people before they can conclude. How many people can afford to eat two-times a day not to talk of three times and they say we are out of recession. They should not just go by what they have on their papers. Nothing has changed. Because we Nigerians can’t afford to feed ourselves anymore.


Martha Ikem

Nigeria is not out of any recession, things are still very difficult for a common man like me. I am highly disappointed with the way President Buhari applauded the economy. I am yet to come to terms with it because the situation of the country is not helping matters.


Mr Michael Onyeabor

Recession is still on the high side, things are not yet normalized. I feel bad because I thought by this time we should at least be enjoying the full dividend of democracy but the reverse is the case. The economy is still very poor.


Deborah Esi 

We are still feeling the heat of recession, all what you are hearing is just rumour. Things are just still the way they used to be.


Goriola Holayinka

Everybody might have not got the better side of the economy, but I can tell you categorically that all livestock (ram, goat and cow) markets recorded their best seasonal sales ever. May God grant us financial freedom to flourish in his path.


Shonola Deborah

They can say we are truly out of recession according to their own report, but for we Nigerians, we can’t see the effect that we are out of recession. Things are still the same but we claim it as it was said that we are out of recession. So shall it be.
– Shukurat Alimi




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