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Rice sellers, Nigerians excited as price drops.

The outgoing recession in the country has forced the prices of commodities to skyrocket leading to condemnation by the generality of Nigerians. However, the price of rice, among other commodities, has started dropping gradually and this has received applause from Nigerians who also pray for further drop in prices. spoke with rice sellers and consumers  on the fall in the price and their expectations. Below are their responses.

Mr Chibuzor Steve
The price of rice has been dropping and we hope it will continue to do so. The big rice that we used to sell at N20,000 or N19,500 is now N15,500. We sell it N15000 last price.The brands we have for now are Crown, Faradj and Rosace. The small rice is the most expensive, we used to sell it at N23,000 but it’s now N16,500. The brand we have now is My choice.

Patrick Fortune
The small Indian rice is now N17,500. The brand is relish. The big rice is between N17000 and N16000.

Onyedikachi Nwafor
Rice prices have started dropping and we hope it won’t pick again. It should continue to drop. The big rice, like Stallion, Rising sun are now N16,000 and the small ones are N17000 flat. Compared to what we used to sell before, I think it’s getting better now.

Makinde Qowiat
The price of rice is now dropping, derica of agric rice has now reduced to N200, while the Indian rice is now reduced to N240 per derica.

I am not selling in bags, I only sell in derica and paint and I sell according to my purchase price.


Ikena Obinna 

There is now a little difference in the price of rice, for the agric rice is now sold out at N14000 to N15000 while the India rice is sold at N17000 to N18000 but it depends on where you get the rice. l think if border is opened, price of rice will be reduce more than this.


Mrs Sanusi

Rice is now reducing gradually, the one I bought yesterday, the agric was sold to me N200 per derica, while the small one was sold to me at N240 per derica. We are pleading with our government, so that it can reduce more than this.




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