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Skin is a very delicate thing that should be treated with care’ – Skin therapist, Sharon Obianke

Nigerian skin therapist, popularly known as Rara-Avis Beauty Care has expanded and improved by opening a new office in Victoria Island (Lagos) in a bid to serve her numerous clients better. The new office is easily accessible to any customer just like the offices in Surulere (Lagos) and Abuja.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Sharon Obianke the brain behind Rara-Avis said she came back to Nigeria to transform ladies and give them that required confidence.

How did the journey into skin care business start?

It started when I relocated to Nigeria. I used to live in the UK but relocated to Nigeria in 2011, after attending a course in beauty therapy. I have a passion for skin therapy, so after training in UK, I came back because of the love I have for my country, to transform ladies and give them their skin desires.

1How does it feel opening an outlet on the Island?

I am very happy and excited to have this place. You have to start small to grow big. My first branch is in Surulere, Lagos, I opened my second branch in Abuja, though I often go to the Island. As they say, its where the money is but I’m yet to see that money.

It took a lot of time, energy and money too to come out this way. So, I thank God for it.

How will you describe the experience?

It has been challenging. This is a competitive market. One thing about business is that you learn from your clients because you cannot know it all, it’s a continuous learning. We thank God it has been great so far and very interesting.

We have met all kinds of people both men and women. Some people think its only ladies that treat their skins but guys do as well. So, the experience has been very educative.

How is market in Nigeria compared to overseas?

It has been awesome and that was why we came back. Nigerians love this so much. The white man or woman will not tell you that they want to tone or change their skin but the good thing is that our product is for everybody.

A lot of people want to look good, some want to be younger, so many people have spots on their skins they want to get rid of, stretch marks after giving birth. I had men that thanked me that their wives’ confidence was back after giving birth she feels she is no longer pretty enough, so we give you back that youthful glow and it has always make me work harder.

What would you say has taken you this far?

Is my drive, the drive to be a better person, the drive to attain my dream, the drive to expand my business because when I started I didn’t have an office, I sell from my car and from there I expanded from Surulere to Abuja and now we are in Victoria Island (Lagos), so is your drive, your passion, your going the extra mile.

It’s not just to make money but for the fact that my clients are getting satisfaction which makes me want to do more. When customers feel they have gotten their money’s worth, a lot of women even come with their husbands.

What is the best way to succeed in this type of business?

You have to do a lot of research, do a lot of reading. You cannot know it all. Skin is a very delicate thing, its not like hair business that everybody can do because you buy and sell. It’s about travelling round the world to get more knowledge.

Considering the weather condition of Nigeria, do you think these products can be effective without side effects?

It is about getting the right products. Our products have secret ingredients that even if you are in Nigeria, you are not going to have side effects. Some people have this mindset that these products are cancerous but that is not true. Our products are natural extract, I do a lot of research, I get some of my products from the UK, Malaysia, America and so on.

We don’t use mercury, we don’t use hydroquinone which causes cancer, we do more of plant extract from cucumber, carrot, ginger and some other plants. Most people don’t know the beauty of this natural things and that is why we skin therapist are trained for this.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

What I enjoy most is seeing my customers look good, better and glowing. When they come back, I may not recognize them and it gives me joy and drives me harder.

What is your unique selling point?

I don’t bleach, I tone your skin to make you look natural, flawless and glow, make you look like yourself, make you regain your confidence. I always advice people to seek the right skin therapist that uses the right products and that is what I do here.

2-001What is in stock for your numerous clients?

We have so many good products ranging from stretch mark removal, dark knuckles, wrinkles, faint skin, half-cast cream and there is no side effects. We have anything that has to do with cosmetic/body care, tummy reduction, weight loss etc.

How price friendly are your services?

It is friendly enough, affordable enough. I think skin should be treated with care. A lot of people spend so much money on their hair, so why not spend much money on your skin, a skin you will be proud of. Its not about wearing a long hair and you look ugly but about wearing the hair with flawless skin.

How do you juggle business with family life?

My husband understands that my customers are very important to me and they are like my family so, he encourages me. He makes me work harder to become a better person but I always balance the two. I create time for my family.

Tell us your educational background.

I did my first degree at University of Lagos, I read English Language. I enjoyed my time in the university, it added so much knowledge to my person. I have passion for skin treatment. I also attended a training in the UK and got a certificate as a skin therapist.


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