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Star actress, Halima Abubakar opens up on alleged romance with Super Eagles player, Ifeanyi Udeze + ‘Moses Ewang never fought any man because of me’

ON Friday, January 28, 2011, ENCOMIUM Weekly was at a movie location in Festac Town, Lagos with pretty actress, Halima Abubakar.  The Kogi State born role interpreter opened up like never before on issues revolving around her career and life, including her alleged romance with former Super Eagles footballer, Ifeanyi Udeze and movie director, Moses Ewang.


What is happening in the life and career of Halima Abubakar at the moment?

I give God all the glory, my life is improving, my career is moving on wonderfully.  2011 is filled with many good things.  I can tell you categorically that the year is going to be a very wonderful one, a year of good revelation in my life and career.  2011 is going to be fulfilling in all aspects of my life and career.

The last couple of years have been so rewarding and busy for Halima, having shot well over 40 movies, how would you describe the experience?

I am telling you that everything happening in my life and career is God’s doing. And I will tell you the truth, it was amazing that I had the energy to do them.  I can’t finish talking about the experience.  It was drilling, tasking, I couldn’t even believe I had the energy to go that far.  I used to be lazy, but I later decided to face squarely my career with all the talent God gave me and everything I have.  Now, I am really glad to say that I even shot above my expectation. I am now looking forward to a brighter future.  All that is happening now is small compared to what I believe God has in stock for me.

Was there any mistake you made in 2010 that perhaps you won’t want to repeat in 2011?

Yes, I made one. I discovered I was just too open to some people.  Sometimes, they say, see finish, that is pidgin.  So, there was a lot of see finish.  If it were to be my former self between 2006 and 2008, a lot of people won’t talk to me because I was into myself alone.  But when I became open to people, they took advantage of me. Now, I am back into my shell again, I just decided to be myself again, but at the same time being good.  What concerns me most is my career and how I would forge ahead.  That is why I am just concentrating on my job.  I had taken a lot of steps I will not say I regretted.  I believe those are the circumstances one has to pass through to succeed.  I am glad I took those steps because it has become a sort of eye opener for me.

Can you share with us at least one of these steps?

Just like I said, I have put everything behind me. I believe whatever happens in my life has been destined, I can’t change it.  So, I don’t need to echo it.

Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar

As one of the most sought after actresses at the moment, moving from Lagos to Asaba to Enugu and so on, how are you coping with all the stress involved?

I would say I am learning the tricks now. I am no more lazy, I am really strong now and I have taken the industry by storm. I really didn’t know that God gave me this kind of energy.  Sometimes, I would be shocked at the way I do things, energetic and always ready to push forward.  But after a while, I take a big break by doing some other stuff apart from acting.  Let me say apart from God, my family comes next, then my career.  I put God first in everything I do because He is the one that puts all the energy in me.  There has never been a tiring and ineffective moment in my life and career.  So, I need to keep going, going and going, non-stop.

What actually gives you joy?

I would say my family being happy.  When I refer to my family, I mean my mum, dad and siblings I am happy also because I am doing what I am doing today because of them, not myself alone.  So, what gives me joy most is when I can read the happiness in them.

Halima has become unstoppable as far as acting is concerned, what keeps you going?

It is God Almighty and whenever I see something good, I am happy.  Then, when I see people that support me, advice me, I believe they want me to succeed in life.

When are you coming up with a movie of your own?

That will come in no distant time, but like I do say, movie producing is not for everybody. I may not be producing, but I can be an executive producer. I would actually invest on that soon.  I will contract it out to those who are professional producers but that will be on my business logo and not Halima. I will like to concentrate on acting.  Maybe in the future, if my family doesn’t want me to continue acting, I can just decide to stay behind the camera. But for now, I like to be an executive producer, then watch and do my own casting.

Apart from acting, what else do you love doing?

I love reading a lot and also don’t be surprised, I love sleeping.  If you like, you can beat the drum, ring the bell into my ears, I won’t wake up.  That is just me.  I also love good music, the music that will take me back, that will remind me of some past events. I also love being in my own shell, so that I can think of good things. I also love it when somebody says thank you to me because of the good thing I have done for such a person.  But if the person doesn’t say thank you, that does not disturb me.

Recently, you were down healthwise, what was the actual nature of the ailment?

I wasn’t that sick, I was only exhausted.  I was trying to manage the little strength in me.  I had a major breakdown, then I had no alternative than to go off location so that I could relax. I was in and out of the hospital throughout the period.  But now, I am back and better.  I have regained my energy.  My doctor advised me to relax and I had to heed. 

We also learnt that you collapsed on set recently, what caused it?

It is true, it happened on one or two sets.  I learnt it was because I was exhausted. I was tired and hungry. I needed food and the food wasn’t available on time. I was on energy drink because I needed to keep working. I just couldn’t handle the situation anymore.  I discovered I just needed rest, which I later had.  I am glad all that is over now. I am now a fit, better and stronger person.

What is the truth about the alleged quarrel between Tonto Dike and yourself?

I am surprised hearing that.  Let’s concentrate on other issues, please.

Years back you acquired a RAV 4 jeep, now this is a Honda, a.k.a Discussion continues, do you love cars that much.

I am not materialistic.  Right from day one, I don’t like bragging about anything I have because everything I have is nothing compared to what others have.  But I feel happy with the little I have and I give thanks to God for His blessings upon me.  I believe there are so many important things to talk about.  For instance, there are some people out there that are hungry, they need assistance, some don’t have clothes, no shelter and many more like that.  There is nothing wrong if one is blessed and he also blesses others in his or her little way. I prefer doing this than the acquisition of wealth.

We learnt you just acquired a Murano jeep?

Please, I don’t want to answer that.

Since you started out as an actress, has there been any scandal that hit you harder than you could cope?

A lot of scandals happened, those that almost threw me off balance, that actually made me want to quit. In fact, I did, but someone called me back and advised me not to allow all that to turn me off. Now I am stronger. If by now I am not used to such, when am I going to get it right?  I am maturing with time.

There was this tale in town sometime back that you’re dating Ifeanyi Udeze, and that he bought a car for you, acquired a 3-bedroom flat for you and so on?

I believe that is one of the prices to pay for stardom.  Everybody knows Halima is hard working.  And I acquired all I have through my personal effort, nobody bought anything for me.  What is a 3-bedroom flat to me?  It is crazy for some people to think that it is a 3-bedroom flat that will make me date a man. I don’t have anything to say about Ifeanyi Udeze’s story.  If you know him, you can call him and ask him if he knows me.  I am tired of answering questions about him. I have my own life, please.

Let’s talk about your love life.  When is Mr. Right coming or has he come because you are wearing a marriage band?

I am not going to say anything on whether I am married or not. I am still under 30.  When the time is right, you will know about that.  Even if I get married today, I don’t think I will ask people to come and celebrate with me.  I will rather spend the money on other things.

There is also this tale that you’re dating a Lebanese, how true is it?

There is nothing like that.  I don’t know any Lebanese.  People just like fabricating stories. I have a man in my life, and he is not a Lebanese and he doesn’t enjoy all these stuff people are writing about me.

How about the news that you’re dating a movie director, Moses Ewang and that he fought another man because of you?

Aren’t I lucky for a man to fight because of me?  Moses Ewang is my director for goodness sake.  He is also my very good friend. Is it a crime to have a man as my best friend? I have known him for close to 11 years. He had been giving me roles even when others failed me. I don’t know anything about him fighting anybody.  Just like I said, I am used to such things and people like inventing stories for reasons best known to them.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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