TCHIDI CHIKERE mum on estranged wife’s alleged infidelity, ‘I don’t want to talk anymore’

+ Sophia reacts… The shocking pix that ruined his marriage


FAMOUS movie director, producer and actor, Tchidi Chikere, who alleged last week that his estranged wife, Sophia was sleeping around has said he is not talking anymore about his crashed marriage and all the controversies trailing it!

In a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, April 6, 2014, Tchidi Cihkere refused to confirm or deny his statement published in Julia Blaze blog on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.

According to the report, the controversial film maker, who marred Nollywood star, Nuella Njubigbo on Saturday, March 29, 2014, spilled the beans, stating the reasons he dumped his wife of over 12 years and three children.  Alleging that Sophia was unfaithful, he also claimed she wasn’t capable of planting happiness and peace in her matrimonial home even as she was accused of being diabolical.

103‘Remember when I used to cry for food in my own house where I provide for everything?  Sometimes up to five days?  Do you know what love is?  Since when? I told you many years ago.  So, don’t call nobody’s name in this…I’ve tried to take the blame but no more.  I tried to be the sacrificial lamb while you acted the saint because of my lovely kids, but some day, they will grow into men and understand why daddy had to talk.  You can cook up as many more lies as you want, that’s your trade.  Just know that if you push me to talk again, I will talk without holding anything back.  And when I talk again, I will talk with proof.  I only want you to still have little dignity, that is why I’m stopping here.  Don’t push me. In 5,000 lives and more to come, I do not wish to meet anybody like Sophia.  You are a nightmare.  Even when you are lying, you cry.  All the juju you and your family have done to destroy me didn’t work.  My God is stronger than you all.  That is why you have come out now to scream.  Sophia, don’t push me to talk, this is just a pinch of salt compared to the real deal. If I talk, people will see you on the streets and stone you. I could die for all she cared, as long as she remains Tchidi’s widow.  God forbid!  You fought single girls over men.  Never had time for me, never had time for our kids. I’m tired of that life, I want to live a better life.  And she is a CRYING WOLF.  You have a boyfriend(s).  You have been bearing his name. I’m sure he has dumped you because of your bad attitude and your coming back to say you love me?!!

“All she wanted is to bear my name and still live as she wanted.  I was free to do anything I wanted as long as she had my name.  I want to experience love and what it really means to have a home, what life feels like to be truly married.  I begged her for years. I cried for affection. I begged for a bond.  She never cared.

“No love, no affection, all I had was a roof over my head. Now, I’m saying No, I’m tired I want a real home, a quality life.  God knows I tried to be silent. This is the woman who said she loves her husband.  Most terrible life ever in life…Somebody that never gave me a home.  Wanted a party freak life, no respect for marriage.

SOPHIA-CHIKERE-NEW-LOVER-2“Yet you spread the lies that I ABANDONED my kids?  Do you have a heart at all?  You’re wicked…All I want is a LIFE.  You gave me NONE…!!! I was like a stray dog for years. Now, I’m saying NO MORE.  Did you tell them I pay you every month, till now?  That I look after my kids?  Bath them?  Give them a hair cut each by myself?  Always?  Did you tell them how you spent months in London in your boyfriend’s house while the kids stayed with house maids?  Did you tell them all the demand you are making in the divorce court?”  Tchidi Chikere alleged.

But in a spirited effort to clear her name, Sophia Chikere has denied all the allegations Tchidi leveled against her stating he just wants to call a dog a bad name to hang it.  She also claimed that the guy her estranged husband is flaunting his photographs with her is just a friend she met after he abandoned her and children for Nuella Njubigbo in 2010.

“Tchidi Chikere, I read all you said about me and I laugh.  Is that the best way to justify yourself?  There is nothing you say that will shake me because those that put their trust in God, He never disappoints.  Why are you lying to people to justify what you did?  Is it because I said the truth and it is hurting you?  I gave over 10 years of my life to you…You said I used juju to marry you…Let God who sees everything judge you. You bring money for the upkeep of your kids and you are writing about it?  Are they not your kids?  Whose responsibility is that?  And who is disputing that with you?  You said since you married me that I have not given you love, no affection, etc., but you forgot the interview you granted Punch Newspapers in 2011, saying that I am the best thing that ever happened to you.

“You said I never had time for you?  When you are always filming in the east and I won’t see you in months.  I played the role of father and mother for the kids…and I laughed the more when I saw where you wrote that I didn’t feed you for five days. Is this all in desperation to justify yourself?  Wow!!

chidi-chikere-ex-new-lover4“You said marriages are not contracted on the pages of newspapers and granting interviews, yet you people have been granting interviews upon interviews since 2012.  Have I said anything against you?  But I won’t say anything against you.  Keep telling lies against me thinking you can tarnish my image by putting up this childish and immature behavior.

“Even if you say that I am a prostitute tomorrow or thief, people who know the truth know the truth and God knows everything and sees the heart and He will pay everybody back according to our deeds.  So, I’m not shaking!! I will never say anything against you to gain favour.  No, you can’t hide pregnancy. I gave you my life for 12 years, gave you three lovely boys, gave you a home.  And you always said to me then, I was a good wife to you and you know it. I was loyal to you and never cheated on you.  I swallowed and stomached so many things just to make my marriage work.  I turned deaf ears to so many things and covered my eyes to so many things.

“I remember all the stories I heard about your ‘sexcapades’ with other women, but did I leave you?  I stayed with you because marriage is for better and worse.  And when you started your affair with Nuella in 2010, what did you say to me when I confronted you? I stayed, endured and prayed every night.  Have you forgotten the day I almost committed suicide?  The first time you left me and the kids?  I wanted to end my life but God saved me.  Even as you left us in 2012, I kept saying to people that my marriage was intact and I never changed my name from Sophia Tchidi Chikere till date.

“Have you not done enough to me?  You are married now and still I wish you and your new wife well.  Why can’t you leave me alone to face my children and fill up the vacuum this has created in their lives?  You say such evil things against their mother and they are hearing it from their school mates.  Their school mates are talking about it and asking them questions every day and yet you are not satisfied.  You claim you kept quiet because of them, yet you have been talking and tarnishing my image since 2012?  Yet, I kept mute.  I have not and will never say anything bad against you.  Vengeance is of the Lord, unless He is not on the throne.

“You put up my pictures with my friend to use it against me?  You want to use it to justify what you did to me?  What you put me through for years?  You said he is my boyfriend that I go to see in London two or three times yearly to buy clothes for my boutique?  Everybody knows that I am a businesswoman and I buy my products from London and America.  So, because I have a friend in London, I now go there just to see him?  Lol.  He is my friend, my pal, my buddy and my best friend.  We started being good friends in 2013, after Tchidi left me and ended our marriage. He is someone that is very close to me and my confidant.  All these years I have had women as best friends and they all betrayed me, and I decided to have a guy as my best friend.  We go everywhere together and he assists me in shopping and buying things for my shop, etc.  I can’t deny him.  He is my best friend. People that know me very well will tell you that I love taking pictures and so we took lots of pictures and the guy posted it on his Facebook page and some people copied it and started posting it online. I have also kept mute about it and I would have still kept mute if not that Tchidi raises it and wanted to use it to tarnish my name.  But it is well.  My kids read what their daddy wrote about me and they asked me to respond and tell the whole world that you are a wonderful mother and that they know and they are seeing everything and won’t say anything till they grow up!  So, I’m responding to this because of my three lovely boys that I live for, that I’m blessed with.

“I want to beg Tchidi to please allow me to concentrate and train my kids with God’s grace and help.  I wish him the best in his new marriage.  I bless his new marriage with his new wife and I wish them well.  This will be my last statement.  Even if Chidi pulls the mountain to paint me black, I will not respond again.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly repeatedly called Tchidi’s new wife, Nuella on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 4 to 7, 2014, but she didn’t respond to us.  We also sent her a text message, which she declined to reply.  We had asked the newest bride in town if she is comfortable with the curses her hubby’s estranged wife, Sophia has been raining on her.  We also asked her to react to Sophia’s allegation that she ruined her marriage of 12 years.

Tchidi Chikere tied the knot the traditional way with Nuella on Saturday, March 29, 2014.  The actor, producer and director surprisingly told us in an exclusive interview on Monday, March 31, 2014, he is so, so happy in his new marriage.  He was so pleased and so much at peace with himself that he confessed it felt as if he was married for the first time.  Tchidi went on to confess Nuella is his missing rib.

We were also told that his Mbaise, Imo people have accepted the pretty actress and initiated her into their culture.  “I have the support of my family, who have fully accepted Nuella.  Having concluded all the traditional marriage rites, she is now with me in Mbaise.  My people have given her wrappers and taken her to the farm.  We are so, so happy.  This looks more like my first marriage.  In fact, Nuella is my missing rib.”

Nuella_Njubigbo_135774261Mixed reaction had trailed Tchidi’s confession to ENCOMIUM Weekly that he has found his missing rib in Nuella.  Many wondered if he was really himself, having spent over 12 years with a stranger (Sophia).  And just when we thought the estranged couple had moved on, they resumed verbal hostilities with Tchidi first throwing a bombshell, accusing Sophia of sleeping around with men, abandoning her home and using diabolical powers to sustain her marriage, among other scandalous allegations.

Sophia also fired back, accusing the famous film maker of abdicating his marital responsibilities in the name of filming in the east.

The embittered mother of three boys also admitted finding another man in her life, though she explained the guy is someone that is very close to her and her confidant.  “We started being good friends in 2013, after Chidi left me and ended our marriage.  He is someone that is very close to me and my confidant…We go everywhere together and he assists me in shopping and buying things for my shop, etc.  I can’t deny him. He is my friend.”

Sophia also claimed it was her kids that mandated her to react to their father’s allegations against her.  She also assured she wouldn’t make further statement on the matter even if Tchidi attacked her again.

Tchidi Chikere, on his part also told ENCOMIUM Weekly (on Sunday, April 6, 2014), he won’t talk again about his estranged wife and new marriage.



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