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Tessy Oliseh weds Ohimai Amaize in spectacular ceremony (2)

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the elder brother of the bride, Sunday Oliseh former captain of the Super Eagles, the new couple, parents of the couple and more.

SUNDAY OLISEH, bride’s brother

What is your wish for your sister?

I wish her the joy and love that marriage brings. I wish her good health. Once she is happy, everything else is just an addition.

Being married, what do you think is likely to change about her?

Many things would change including her sense of belonging due to the fact that she belongs to two different unions now. One thing I know would not change is the core person in her because she is very focused.

‘They should love each other’  -BRIDE’S FATHER (Chief Oliseh)

How do you feel?

I am happy and I give glory to God.

What is your advice for the couple?

They should love each other and aspire for the best. Communication is the key to any relationship. So, they should communicate well with one another and pray often so they can achieve beyond their dreams.

What would you miss most about your daughter?

She brings creativity to the family. She designs and improves on everything in the home. We still don’t know how we are going to fill the vacuum she has left behind. She designs the home, what we wear, the interior and so many other things. We thank God.

‘They should put God first’-BRIDE’S MOTHER (Mrs. Oliseh)

How do you feel?

I feel so happy and grateful to God for making today successful.

What is your advice for the couple?

They should take life easy, and always learn to put God first in all they do. They should not allow money to take the better part of them.

What would you miss about your daughter?

I have five sons and she is the only girl. At the same time, I know she will get married someday. So, I would learn to cope with the fact that she is no longer in the house.

‘Learn to forgive one another’ -GROOM’S MOTHER (Mrs. Amaize)

How do you feel?

I thank God because I never thought it would be like this. I also thank God for making today peaceful and for bringing unity amongst the two families.

What is your advice for the couple?

God has united them forever, grant them a peaceful marriage, show love to one another and learn to forgive one another.

What would you miss about your son?

I will miss him because he is like a miracle boy and a blessing to me.


‘Meeting him was divine direction’ -BRIDE (Tessy Amaize)

Tessy Amaize

Tessy Amaize

How do you feel today?

I feel great, wonderful, humbled and grateful to God Almighty because without Him this would have not been possible.

What can you say about your husband?

He is the most talented person I have ever met. He is humble and God fearing. He is somebody that I will always look up to. He is someone I will look up to and say, Yes, you are my soulmate. So, I give God all the glory.

What attracted you to him?

What attracted me to him is the God fearing spirit he has. He is a kind of person that gives all to what he believes. I am so happy to have him as my husband.

What inspired your wedding dress and that of your husband?

I got the inspiration from everywhere, most especially from the movie, Gatsby. Also, God gave me the inspiration for this wedding because meeting him was a divine direction.

He is also a fashionista any time, any day. The dress I changed into was inspired by James Bond because he likes sparkling and lovely styles.

‘She compliments everything about me’ -GROOM (Godwin Amaize)

Godwin Amaize

Godwin Amaize

How do you feel today?

I feel awesome because it is a dream come true. This is one thing in the life of a man that he dreams about and I am happy God has made it happen in class, style, joy and happiness. I am happy God has given us what we wished.

What can you say about your wife?

She is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is awesome. She compliments everything about me. I think that is the most important thing about meeting the bones of your bones and flesh of your flesh.

She is a God fearing woman. She is not just a celebrity who is on the loose, she is a celebrity with the passion for God. She is a model and a role model to this generation and more to come.

I believe what people have seen here today is just the beginning.

Tell us a bit about your outfit?

Everything you have seen, from my attire to the bridal train even the aso-ebi came from my wife. She is awesome. My attire is unique, the suit is floral. I have not seen anything like this before.




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