THE BLACK & WHITE BALL rolls again with Intercontinental Distillers

THE event of the year, with all the elements of a 7-star ceremony and hundreds of Nigeria’s most colourful characters as guests will dominate public space in several weeks as we here at ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events company, perfect and tweak the programme.

The Black & White Ball incorporating the Elegance and Style Awards and parading the spectacular fashion show did not nestle on top of the league of one by chance.  The long months of planning and all the support that come our way, give us an edge.  So, we are never in a hurry.

With our eyes on the ball, attending to details and sticking to our objective of pampering our guests to bliss, we know we are lucky.

And we count ourselves even luckier, when organizations and warm hearted souls stand by us.

And this year, we are blessed to have, once again, Intercontinental Distillers on our side.  With world class drinks, we can’t ask for more.

So, we are getting ready, almost ready to unveil the date of the most glamorous ball this side of planet earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, stars of movies and music, television and comedy, engaging and serious entrepreneurs, and upright politicos, you can now assemble your most gorgeous ensemble in monochrome.

The Black & White Ball is almost here



With massive support from Intercontinental Distillers, we can now move many notches higher in preparation.

Soon, we will reveal our venue, the Gem of New Lagos.  And invitation cards (reproduced here) will be heralded by text messages to our guests, enjoining them to be ready for the ball like no other.

But we still have a few strides to cover.

We need more support from pillars and supporters of endeavous which colour the social calendar crimson and cheerful.  Organizations and kind hearted people aware of benefits from A-list events are urgently needed as partners and sponsors.

We never tell tall tales, fib or exaggerate.  The Black & White Ball leads by kilometers on all fronts as far as events are concerned.  And the dress and colour codes of formal attires in monochrome cannot be surpassed.

Now, let’s come to the assemblage of A-list stars and star makers and engaging professionals, politicos and entrepreneurs.  Let’s move to the entertainment content!

Don’t forget the 8-course dinner, and the elegant ambience.

We invite you to stand with us at this fifth season of The Black & White Ball.

Kindly call or text 08055002034 or send a mail via, for details of the ball in the league of one.



The Black & White Ball is sustained largely by sponsorship.  But we enjoy an array of support from event planners and service providers –and their huge discounts and pro bono alliances give us an edge difficult to discountenance.

And with associates and partners lightening our challenges by throwing in many things, we have elevated the ball beyond competition.

Now, add all these advantages to scores who pick up branded tables, then you know we are truly favoured.

Planted in the hub of the magical marquee, the branded tables of ten guests take us nearer our goal.

So, this year, we are offering the branded tables once more to our friends and partners, organizations and pillars.

With roll-up banners in the hall, logos on all our backdrops and more, you can enjoy the ball from a vantage spot with the branded table.

Kindly call or text 08055002034 or send a mail via



Planted on expansive acres of land in the posher part of town, the Gem of New Lagos is well prepared to host the fifth season of The Black & White Ball.

With two marquees –the smaller one hosting the welcome reception and the bigger the event proper –we are luckier than we have ever realized.


Those who are familiar with traffic signs, especially around strategic locations know what ‘No waiting, no stopping – keep moving’ means.

For The Black & White Ball the enjoyment is on auto pilot, right from the gate of the Gem of New Lagos, our venue for the 7-star ceremony.  ‘No waiting, no stopping – keep moving’ is the slogan to ensure bliss and excitement reign supreme all through the 6-hour extravaganza we are honoured and humbled to host.

Once you pass the immigration point where our big and bulky but courteous guards check your invite and ensure your dress and colour codes are compliant, you step into the boulevard of pleasure.

Our expansive, crisp and lush black carpet will lead you all the way to the welcome reception marquee.  But along the way, backdrops where you can pose for pictures are lined.  You can chat and engage friends and associates and acquaintances.  Or chat with reporters.

You can also take time to visit the billionaire pad, the photo studio where your images are frozen.

In the welcome arena, cocktails are served by the foremost thirst quencher.  There are tall and short glasses in different shapes filled with colourful healthy drinks for your delight.

Here, you catch your breath –and exchange more pleasantries.

When you are invited to the main arena, the décor, by the abundantly gifted couple, will induce ohs and ahs.

Well laid out and strategically positioned tables litter the marquee.  As you settle in your seat and soak in the ambience, music wafts melodiously –and you notice that the king is in charge.

Demanding and courting attention, you sway your head.  By the time you are treated to the 8-course dinner, drinks of your choice and entertainment difficult to ignore, you will be satiated.

Don’t forget the spectacular fashion show and awards.



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