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The Orekoyas open up on their children’s kidnap ordeal (5): ‘How it all happened’ -Funmi Adeyemo (nanny/kidnapper)


How exactly did it happen?

On Wednesday, April 8, 2015, when both husband and wife had gone to work, I backed the baby, held the other two children and we left the house. I boarded a bus going to Ojuelegba, then another bus to Egbeda and to Iyana Ipaja. On getting there, I called my husband and he said I should not worry I should come home. I got home and the three of them were living with me in one of the rooms. Then I asked my husband how much he wanted to collect from the parents and he said, he will demand just a token.

Thereafter, I listened to the afternoon news and they talked about the missing Orekoya children and the kidnappers demand for N5 million. I quickly went to my husband and asked, “You said you were going to demand a token, how come you are collecting N15 million? He said I should not worry, I have done my part now it’s their turn to do their own. Again, I listened to the news and heard it had been reduced to N13 million. I went back to him but this time, he pushed me out and said not until the money is collected, he cannot release the children. On Monday, the police came to Poka Estate my husband and his brother were not home, so I called and told him about the police but he said I should not worry. Immediately he came back, he said he had gotten a room for me at Ogunibiyi Street, that was how I left home.

You stated your husband said you are a hindrance to their business, what business are you talking about?

The business of film making and producing. The name of their company is Global G Entertainment. My husband’s name is, Akeem Kareem.

Where was your husband when you were arrested by the police?

The last time I saw him was the day before the arrest but he saw me from afar when I was being arrested. He was not seen by the police.

How and where were you arrested?

I was arrested at Poka Estate. There was a man I gave my fan for repairs and he called me to come for my fan that he had finished work on it but I told him I was not around. Then my husband’s brother told me to go give the man money. On getting to the man’s place, I did not meet him but he told me he would soon be there and that was where I was picked up by the police.

How much did your husband collect as ransom before your arrest?

I do not know anything about the transaction but he told me.”They have paid.” I further asked how much but he refused to answer me.

Did he give you anything from that money?

I do not know anything about the money collected or paid by the parents of the children.

Is this your first time of kidnapping children?

This is my second time. The first time, I kidnapped Raphael and Michael from their parents at Magodo Estate. The mother employed me and she took me to their house to show me everything. On Sunday, four days after I had resumed,, when their parents were not around, I took the children out. When I got home with the children, I told my husband, “This is how far I can go” He said I should not worry that he knew what to do. I asked him how much he would demand but he did not respond but at end, I heard they paid N2 million and I was given N30,000 out of it.

Is this a sort of family business you run with your husband and your in-laws?

My brother-in-law and the wife brought the business. They said I should pretend to be a house help and get money from them as well.

What does your brother-in-law and the wife do for a living?

They are film producers and marketers.

As a woman, why did you engage in this act?

My husband and his people threatened me because I said I was not going to take part in this business.

Do you have children and are they aware about your business?

Yes, I have four children. My eldest child is seven years. They are not aware of this business.

What were you feeding the children with, especially the 11 month old baby?

For the baby, I bought him Cerelac and a feeding bottle while the other children were eating normal food.

Did they at any point say they wanted to go back home?

No, they only cried that they wanted to watch cartoon.

How were the children dropped off?

since Monday that my husband told me to leave the house, I left him with the children. So, I do not know anything about it. He already paid for hotel room for me at Ogunbiyi Street around Shasha, Egbeda, Lagos.

The first kidnap you carried out, how long did you work before you kidnapped the children?

I worked there for four days and I was also employed through OLX.

You claimed to be 23 year old Mary Akinloye, what exactly is your real name and age?

My name is Funmilayo Adeyemo, I am 35.

The lady working with you as a nanny and was arrested with you, how did you come about her?

It was my brother-in-law’s wife that said needed a house help and the girl applied. Besides, I was not at home when she came so I do not know what transpired between them.

Can you tell us what your husband threatened you with?

He said he was going to kill me if I do not co-operate with them.

How many of you are in this business?

We are four, my brother-in-law, Waheed Kareem, the wife, Ajoke Oseni, my husband, Akeem Kareem and myself. I am from Osun state.

Do you have any regret?

When I watched the mother of the children on TVC News, that was when I started regretting my actions. That was when I realized what I did to her was bad.

What lessons have you drawn out of this experience?

My only lesson is that every mother should thoroughly investigate who will marry their daughter including their occupation. Also, they should not stay away from her.

What do you have to say to the Orekoyas?

Mummy Damola, please don’t be angry about my actions towards you because you were very nice to me. It was not my fault, I only followed the instructions of my husband.

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