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Third Sweden terror attack suspect nabbed: 7 things we now know

The third terror attack suspect in the Stockholm (Sweden) carnage has been arrested five hours after five men were killed and dozens injured on Friday, April 7, 2017.
Two other suspects were arrested on the scene following the pandemonium which erupted at 3 pm.

Three masked had hijacked a truck, ploughed into pedestrians in the city centre and shot defenceless passersby at random.

Here are some details of the attack the Swedish Prime Minister (Stefan Lofven) has described as ‘act of terror’:
1. The injured third suspect, detained in the north of Stockholm, has admitted responsibility for the attack.
2. Two suspects were arrested on the scene, while the third attacker fled as he was declared wanted.
3. The hijacked beer truck (belonging to Spendrups Brewery) ploughed into a shopping center in Klarabergsgatan after causing pandemonium in the streets.
4. Shoppers fled, and the city was on locked down with transportation on tube halted.
5. The armed terrorists later ran into the railway station shooting and stabbing people.
6. Medical personnel dashed onto the streets thereafter attending to the injured as the dead were covered in blankets.
7. The tube network is now up and running.
However, it is unclear how many attackers were involved…

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