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Burglar offered coffee by home owner while awaiting arrest

A burglar overpowered by a home owner in Sweden was offered coffee while he awaited arrest by the police.

Tomas Holmberg felt pity for the burglar after he crept into his home in Kvarnasen (Sweden) and was swiftly overpowered. He called the police, and while they waited offered the pitiful thief coffee.

Hospital pays girl wrongly injected with glue £2.8 million

Maisha Najeeb was wrongly injected with glue by a hospital – and she will get £2.8 million for the blunder. She was receiving treatment from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, the United Kingdom, for severe brain damage when she was accidentally injected with glue.

The 13 year-old girl’s treatment in 2010 confined her to a wheel chair and she now requires help with all aspects of everyday life.

France’s former first lady laments

Valerie Trierweiler, former first lady of France has lamented that if Francois Hollande hadn’t been President their seven year relationship would still be strong and romantic.

She blamed the pressure of power for the relationship’s collapse, at an interview she granted in Mumbai, India.

The affair suffered a major setback when the President was exposed for dating 41 year old actress, Julie Garget.

Man docked for having sex with sheep and cow

Sixty one year old Paul Lowell was docked for allegedly having sex with a sheep and a cow in north London, the United Kingdom.

He was reportedly seen last September while performing the sex acts – and prosecutors have levelled charges of “outraging public indecency” including “fellatio with a cow”.

Jude Law confronts James Bond (Daniel Craig) over affair with Sienna Miller

–  as relative sold story to tabloid

Jude Law was devastated as he learnt one of his relations sold the story of his troubled romance with Sienna Miller to defunct News of the World.

The 41 year old actor who confronted Daniel Craig (James Bond) over his affair with his then girlfriend learnt of the betrayal by his relation only yesterday (Monday, January 27, 2014) at the hacking trial of News of the World’s chiefs (Andy Coulson and Rebecca Brooks).




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