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Guilty verdict for man accused of performing sex acts with cow and sheep

Sixty one year-old Paul Lovell, accused of performing sex acts with a cow and a sheep in Enfield area of North London, the United Kingdom, on September 4, 2013, has been found guilty.

He was convicted of outraging public decency, including fellatio with a cow.

In spite of his denial that he was just relaxing, trying to catch some sleep, the fact that he was only wearing a pair of socks and his shoes didn’t help his case.

The IT worker may face jail!

Gunmen took off with £500,000 watches on Oxford Street during rush hour

Three gunmen attacked The Watches of Switzerland, on Oxford Street, London, the United Kingdom, around 5.32 p.m yesterday –and took off with £500,000 worth of luxury watches.

Shoppers and passersby were stunned as the men escaped on foot since the policemen that heeded the distress call were unarmed.

Sienna Miller evasive over alleged affair with Daniel Craig

Sienna Miller was evasive during the hacking trial of defunct News of the World’s chiefs in London, the United Kingdom, when she claimed ‘I love you’ voice message she sent to Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) was not a profession of romance.

Interviewed via video link from her New Orleans, the United States of America base, Miller, who in 2005 was in a relationship with Jude Law, said she couldn’t remember details of what happened then because it was a difficult period in her life.



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