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‘This is a wonderful platform’ – Blessing Obila Udechukwu (1st runner-up)


Blessing Obila Udechukwu, a graduate of Public Administration from Madonna University is the first runner up of Miss Nigeria 2016.

The pretty lady who is currently serving her fatherland (NYSC) is ready to use the platform to empower ladies and children. She had a short chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly about the pageant and other things she would use the platform the pageant gave her to achieve.


How did you get onboard Miss Nigeria?

Catch 22 boss told me about Miss Nigeria. I got the form and decided to give it a try. I didn’t know I would go far anyway.


It is not my path really. I am not into pageantry. I just wanted to be a fashion model. I am a commercial model. My boss encouraged me to put in for the competition and I did, here I am today.

How was the experience?

image3Camp was amazing. I learnt a lot of things. I am now more confident in my own skin. I can be who I want to be. I met a lot of amazing people, our camp instructor, Chaperon and all the girls. I think every girl should come for Miss Nigeria. It is actually a good platform. You will learn about womanhood. It is not just about beauty but about brain too. I have a larger brain power now.

Were you disappointed you didn’t go further than this?

I had mixed feelings. At one point I felt, I could actually win the competition. When I was called the first runner up, I said whoo, I did very well. It was a good run, a close score, I could be the winner. I want to do a lot about it.

I don’t have to be Miss Nigeria to be able to make Nigeria a better place. This platform is good for me.

Tell us about your plans and what you want to use your platform to do?

I would like to do empowerment programme for ladies and children. I notice that we just go to school, whatever our teachers teach is what we apply. We don’t really develop our skills. I would like to help people understand their skills and talents so that they can be useful to themselves and their environment.

It is not just about going to school alone. You can contribute from the talent God gave you. Nigeria depends too much on foreign aids. We can actually depend on our talents and skills and grow our country.

Who was a threat to you?

Miss Ekiti and Miss Delta. It was fun meeting them. I know our bond will go beyond Miss Nigeria.

What next now?

I was working on starting my own business, probably in the first quarter of 2017. I am going into hair business. Aside that, I am doing my youth service in Lagos State. I would also try to improve on myself as well.

Can we meet you?

My name is Blessing Obila Udechukwu. I am from Ebonyi State, a graduate of Public Administration from Madonna University. I am the last in a family of four. My dad was a civil servant. My mom is a Vice local government chairman in my local government in Ebonyi State. I have a brother and two sisters.


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