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Tiwa Savage thanks all as ecstatic fans line up behind the diva

Tiwa Savage, the sensational singer whose marriage trouble with former manager Tunji Balogun trended for over a week, is back in public space to express her gratitude to her fans and well wishers.

And in solidarity, many of them are lining up behind the mother of one son (Jamil) who was accused of monumental waywardness by her estranged husband …


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stanlexy – Gud to hear frm u after a while… God bless nd ur family😘😘

favouronyii31 – God bless you my Supper Woman…

woomeybee – @tiwasavage, u are indeed a superwoman. so mch luv for u. i advise u to pray more so that God can fix all that still nid to be fixed.

preciousboi8 – Love U tiwa even though tunji dosnt

natural_african_divas – Love u tiwa and will always!!! Hugs and kisses!!!

misz_darah – I love you @tiwasavage God bless you

preciousboi8 – N wish U also a beta life after

potency_07 – God loves u my dear if not d only saga was targeted to kill ur person and soul. U r blessed my super star! Prayer is d key and keep focused!

segtemi123 =It will be well with you and your family. Be strong Madam

assumptababy –Please @tiwasavage and @teebillz323 you both should come back together please don’t mind what society, people will say please I love you both may God bless you both and baby Jamil

toluwanilola – Love you. Nothing wrong with failing on the road to success. God bless you. God keep teach. God teach and direct you. Amen

otunbabanclef – Tough time don’t last, buh tough people do. TiwaTope Balogun pls ur marriage must work, devil is a liar. Can’t wait to see Tj & Tiwa back.

tareotuderbie – The bigger the trials the greater the joy, Jesus Gat you ma’am, much love.

quency_julez – Keep your head up my @tiwasavage no man has the right to judge you. Only God can. I felt touch with all that is going on. And some people actually act like you should have kept quiet while they were dying on curiosity to hear it. You dd well to remove your fans on the dilemma. I pray for you to get it all together soon. You are a strong woman, dnt let this wind ruin your career and family life. This too shall pass. @tiwasavage Much love from this end.❤

prinxleey_ – Sis pls don’t care wat anybody say jst do want will mak u happy, if u r happy we r happy cos ur words as been makin ur happy. We love u sis 👍👍

oluwabusolami_irede – @tiwasavage love u tiwa, very soon gbogbo ee ma make sense my sister 💌 we miss u here 💪🙌🙏👌✌

ibnsadiq – Go get ur man gal ! Believe me , every relationship has it’s problems, ups and downs. Disgrace the devil by making urs work . The dust certainly will settle.

dellydollars – Tiwa I really do love you and have much respect for you and Tunji …pls get your husband back this is the time he needs you most pls give him your support pls .. God be with you … my regards to baby Jamil

mr_s.m.b – Momsy jamil do soar in your career….Pls be strong in d Lord God bless the baloguns .

feyicoal02 – Tiwatope strong is the Word for u weak is for tj coz he learnt 2 learn in the hard way strong don’t get easily broken weak is easily to penetrate even with self selfish interest so brace yourself up its all about jamil do anything against all odds that u feel will make him happy when he knows what the world really is 2 av a rethink prodigal son was accepted. Rhiana cried about breezy afta she got whoopped!!!!!

abies_olasode- May God bless and protect you now and forevermore Amen



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