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Too many big people involved with Matharoo sisters, there can’t be diligent prosecution

Those involved in the messy sextortion scandal of Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo are too big to be embarrassed. From some of Nigeria’s richest men, our brightest moguls to bank executives, the long list which includes otherwise respected politicians will be too hot a case movers and shakers will never tolerate.

Trying the Canadians with  Indian roots will throw up too many episodes that are unpalatable, with many homes susceptible to being ruined irreparably.

The pictures and videos to proof the sextortion will be so salacious the country will explode in shame at the shenanigans of our star businessmen. Remember, they allegedly bedded over 100 men, and over 270 images were documented.

And like many high profile cases with large scale repercussions for the wealthy, it is not flying anywhere…


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