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Nigerians blame Buhari for relocation of Big Brother Nigeria shoot to South Africa

Many Nigerians are blaming President Muhammadu Buhari, who is holidaying in the United Kingdom, for the relocation of Big Brother Nigeria shoot to South Africa.

The two arguments advanced are:
1. Buhari, instead of staying back in Nigeria to be attended to by Nigerian doctors, sought treatment abroad.
2. The President of the world’s most populous black nation cannot find anywhere in Nigeria good enough to holiday in and promote tourism.
That since the number one citizen has no confidence in our medical facilities, in spite of budgeting billions for Aso Rock Clinic, and is disdainful of our tourist spots, why should businesses with profit as main aim care?
What’s more, power supply is worse now during his reign. And cost of generating electricity multiplying.
There is no example to imitate as the leaders of Nigeria are not walking the talk!



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