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Controversy rages over Big Brother Nigeria being shot in South Africa

Nigerians are divided following the decision to shoot Big Brother Nigeria in South Africa.

Tempers are high as arguments are advanced over the relocation of the shoot essentially because of lack of constant power supply and experienced, disciplined hands to handle the show.
Even the statement of the Minister of Information directing the National Broadcasting Commission to look into the relocation has attracted consternation.
Here are some of the views on social media…
  • komeeseIt’s ironic. There’s really no valid excuse (I am sure they have many to give), Nig is only a people you make money off to these companies. SA has its own economic challenges as Nig but I don’t think they come to Nig to shoot an SA aired show the way we do. We are quick to make excuses for companies who do this. We can’t keep outsourcing opportunities for innovation and growth..we find the easy way out and blame “economy” when the very things the economy needs to revitalise and thrive we take it to SA. Next excuse is NEPA, without the same NEPA they have been operating and making billions in revenue from Nigeria. The organisers have no vision long term for Nig. Air it in Nig(as Africa largest media consumers), pay all the expenses incurred into the SA economy, collect the cost of it in Nigeria. Next excuse is recession right? The revenue that will be generated from this show will come from this same recession stricken Nigeria.Theres recession but you still thought of a show that will rack 100s of millions in revenue from Nigeria. A production of this magnitude would have employed many nigerian hands adhoc be it pure water seller. The first BB Nigeria was shot in Nigeria, one of the crew bought his first car from it and learnt a lot on the job. Our Government fuels all these things. Smh
  • adesuwaidonLet me help him… The cost of production would be crazy.. Have guys tried this thing called “24 hour electricity”? No! Until then don’t investigate shit.
  • spikezrangerzWhat is Lie Mohammed’s business with BigBrother? We doubt your claims that people bombarded your office to protest why it’s being shoot in SA? Why can’t they shoot in South Africa? The Show is 24Hours non stop live shooting and broadcasting programme, Lie Mohammed, please is your Govt ready to provide that steady electricity for them? And why should you investigate if it is deceit? Who will now investigate all the deceits the Govt have been dishing to us? You people should better face the serious business of saving the countries economy and social systems instead of chasing frivolous things like BB.
  • iamdayovuittonIf Multi Choice gave them their reasons and Lai Muhammed see that it’s not what Nigerians would love to hear, the matter would die under his feet.
  • sweetnessinka_efuamisplaced priority with the economy recession and all he is concerned about is why big brother was shoot in s.a msheeeeew
  • tobiiakinolaWhy is president Buhari not holidaying in Nigeria…this should be the 1st question. Question 2 is MNet a Nigerian Company??
  • komeese@jennynextian141I just tire. For “The Voice Nigeria “, they even flew families and friends of the contestants,lodged them. I can even try to understand for The Voice Nigeria because there was already a stage setup that was used for ‘The Voice South Africa “So it was easy to plug in… but this BB Nigeria, house for 3 months is what they need. They don’t need a whole Street or City and yes they can run diesel gen 24hrs for the house for 3 months…at least you will buy the diesel from a Nigerian company so some people’s salary in company is still sure for another 3 months…lol. The many value chain services or activities that this production needs would have bettered a few Nigerians. Isn’t the thousands of masts in Nigeria powered by Diesel? has it stopped them from operating here? Yes we have shit load of issues in Nigeria but taking opportunities out of it won’t help either.
  • iamoneinamajorityI can’t even close my eyes properly each each time I remember am a Nigeria šŸ‡³šŸ‡¬ cause this country call Nigeria is Endangering ours lives, isn’t it shameful enough that something meant for the citizens is be organised in another country? I haven’t seen where American idol is been shot in South Africa šŸ‡æšŸ‡¦ at times whenever I remember I am a Nigeria my heart beats with fear, wasn’t the minister briefed about this before now? Is he incompetent of his Job? How come he is just releasing it at the 99 hour? Tomorrow u will hear that police officers have beating or killed a citizen they are supposed to protect from arms, the following day, an army officer has beating an innocent citizens to the point of death šŸ’€ of which there are supposed to protect their interests. And I asked myself what’s going ON? How can a country that gives electricity to others neighbouring countries not give power supply to it’s citizens, tomorrow Nigerian’s will say Ghan is a small country. But the three basics and important aspects of a country Ghana has it and the Ghanaian are enjoying the right of its citizenship. 1. There’s constant electricity supply 2. There’s security and u will never hear that a police officer has brutally beaten up Citizen like what is happening in my country in my Nigeria 3. There’s outstanding educational system 4. There’s good health facilities. So of what used is the largeness of Nigeria without the fundamental human rights to it’s citizens? These the voice of the poor can’t even be heard when been oppressed by the rich not to talk of getting justices just because the person is poor or from a poor home. Oh God of Heaven all I can do is to call on u to come to our rescuer.
  • komeese@tobiiakinola..see wetin Buhari UK holiday don cause…lol. MNET isn’t quite alright…but they generate chunk of their revenue here. Now I am not bothered about every show MNET airs…but when you call it BB Nigeria meant for nigerian consumption, haba they should try small na.
  • jennynextian141@komeeseI share same thought with u oo. Taking job opportunities outside.. south Africans will just be laughing at us. They need to do something about it n not let it repeat itself..
  • og_kvng0147@komeeseThis takes us back to how the country is been governed…so many questions for the government to answer, these people dont treat themselves in Nigeria when they fall sick..the president cant even call in sick into the national hospital in abuja because he knows theirs nothing in there…this show could have been done here like the first one, but then who runs a business with the aim of losing?? nobody..Mnet lost alot of money to generating power during the course of that show…why do that again when they can save more shooting from SA?? this is business come on..
  • funnychief_picsAnd buhari is in UK because he can afford it. Big brother organisers should not allow FG bring them down. Let them go and bring buhari back or give 24hr power supply. Stupid country. I am not from Nigeria, but migeria
  • ujbabesRubbish why is there no constant light in Nigeria? Is not even possible to do anything in Nigeria because of light issue
  • cute_temyWhen they provide 24hour power supply, then their investigation will be relevant…useless government
  • waleabbaWhy dem no investigate why we don’t have power and security. Two essential ingredients to a successful show of that kind. Wehdone Sir Lai Mohammed
  • duches_lilMisplaced priorities… Stupid country
  • peteperfect. submit its finishing for a show that won’t last long.. how cruel is it na
  • therealoziliciousSimple answer…..we do not have the right infrastructure to host an ordinary reality show!!!#TruthHurts
  • mo_riyahšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ probing into this would have made sense if nigeria isnt such a mess at the moment.
  • aijay_glamThey won’t investigate serious issues! useless investigation! insecure country that lacks basic amenities! Rubbish
  • adispice2002Mugu people it will be cheaper to do it in SA where dey already ve a house n + 24/7 light do u know how expensive it will be 4 dem to run gen?
  • iykeemma24There’s no light šŸ’” in Nigeria
  • christabellekaetteStupid man, investigate why buhari is vacating in London when we have obudu cattle ranch here and other resort smh jobless oldie ….
  • fomzillaOne thing the government has done right this year
  • mizfranky. as if dats Nigeria’s problem. Buhari and his team are one clueless bunch
  • komeese@og_kvng0147I totally understand and share this sentiment as well. And it’s sad I can’t even defend our Government who are the foundational issue here based on their ineptitude. However, I believe MNET generates more than enough revenue to cover the costs incurred, the point considered would have been the margin of profit,however I stand to be corrected. They make huge revenue from Nigeria… why are they not hosting BB Zimbabwe or Tanzania or BB Congo? Bottomline is the massive revenue potential from Nigeria(because of it audience size) that will cover costs.Again, these companies annually still rack billions in revenue operating with diesel. In all, our Government is to blame…they have no moral authority to question them because it might just bite them back. Either way it’s just off to me.
  • trip4ebbyInvestigate what? Wd FG give them power 24hrs? Let’s ask our president why he’s not vacationing in Kastina na,Why London ?Mscheew
  • favour_omoWhy didn’t they investigate the Voice Nigeria?
  • mz_hajjyFG will not focus on our problems o it is illegal amebo they will be doing
  • wfmarioYou can’t do anything to police brutality is useless BBA ure investigating šŸ˜”šŸ˜” what a country šŸ˜©šŸ˜©
  • hephzibaharchieUna get Light??? Mad people
  • tegiliousSuch a joke. Madt people
  • lisaeigegeNever seen a government so clueless with such misplaced priorities, address the baseless and incessant killings of innocent Nigerians in southern Kaduna, the Northeast and middle belt!!! there are more pressing issues šŸ’….Meanwhile , why is the show being shot in S.A???šŸ™„
  • sweetboobs2Nawooh
  • onaalexandrachiFG no get work? Clueless people.Fix d economy pls i beg!
  • og_kvng0147@komeeseExactly i share your view too, the government has no moral rights to question where the shoot is going on…do you know how many companies that stopped manufacturing in Nigeria due to this same epileptic power supply issue? the ones that couldn’t survive had to fold up..they produce in neighbouring countries ie ghana, then move to Nigeria which has made prices of such produce skyrocket..obviously Mnet’s biggest market is in Nigeria,and they know..since they government cant take the initiative, and of course the largesse the senators are getting from Mnet wont make them speak up… Mnet took it and are milking us now, the nearest a home grown decorder network came was Hitv but then this same highcost of managing the business here made Hitv fold up…without power, Nigeria will not make anything good out of herself!
  • chizenumšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ investigate ke,that one now na other money abi committee ,something we’ll tell you for free NO LIGHT
  • komeese@og_kvng0147..either ways we still arrive at terrible governance…. And you are right with senators saying nothing on issues like this cos their palms have been greased. Read Jimoh Ibrahim’s first comment regarding the defunct HiTV, obviously there was an insidious local high power sabotage at play…greased palms as well. I have been following the U.S Congress questioning sessions of Trump’s ministerial nominees… made me shake my head for my country as I remembered watching the meaningless nigerian version which still produced the likes of Solomon Dalung.
  • djbarbieguanfoolish and stupid question….shey Nigeria wey no get light dem want shoot BBN…this man is stupid bastard….ogun want strike am ni sef…will he supply dem diesel to operate
  • afo_cash@crystabeelits really a shame though , like u said they always lie about not knowing
  • mzveectoryYeye federal government. ..have they investigated why we don’t have 24hours power supply yet? Idiots
  • egoliciousmamaaWhich stupid investigation..No light in Nigeria that’s why useless people
  • mailadyyylol I finally give up on this government and the comedians that called themselves ministers same way they sick medical help abroad that is the same reason#BBNĀ is being hosted in South Africa šŸ‡æšŸ‡¦ and why are they complaining now? The voice was shot in South Africa last year were they sleeping then?
  • emysolzFG na joker. Can they give them 24hrs light to host the show in naija?? Stewpeed jobless people
  • orekemakeoversWhat will the investigation change abeg?? Light dey???
  • jeneefar07Dude shld jst nt say anything!He will open room for people to drag dis administration through the mud!!!Wht a joke
  • fisiryourFG is jobless I guess
  • oluwatomixIs this a joke? Have we got no other issue to deal with in our dear country?
  • roy_igeSo they just realised now? After the voice Nigeria was also shot in SA last year? And Jona is clueless? Damn!
  • evergreen_joshOk Mr Lai, How much do you need now for the investigation??? Billions of Naira i guess? Common sense, this people no get, so if they dey inside house and nepa take light dem go run go change over to switch power. Why buhari do this kind thing to us na? Why u go appoint this kind person? Diz one no get brain na. Ema gba mi ke. Pala pala
  • ari_la_porshaIts obvious ni, u didn’t provide power,no water,everything is expensive, abi u want dem to run on lost huh!
  • dsixtoolsI will say this now ” stupid FG
  • teejollySeems the FG has too much time on their hands. Why didn’t they investigate why THE VOICE NIGERIA was also held in South Africa. Mschew
  • lawd_mofasaPut necessary infrastructures in place b4 spitting this oga!
  • remisavageTo an extent, FG is correct but weighing the cost of production and running the show in a Nigeria where electricity is a big problem. To be honest, if I were on the team, I’ll shoot in S.A to save cost. We go into business to make profits not incur loss. Consider how much would be spent on diesel and the rest. In my opinion, the FG should look for better means to better our electricity and quit making issues out of nothing. People’s business been crumbling due to lack of power supply. You wanna grow a nation? Fix electricity, let it be a major project.
  • miz_iyanneThere’s no light in the country nah !!!



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