Untold  story of Adeleke’s last day

‘He called implicated nurse 20 times in the middle of the night as he struggled to stay alive’


Senator Isiaka Adeleke struggled to live as he desperately called for help as the last hours beckoned on Sunday, April 23, 2017, in his Ede home (Osun state).

The first governor of Osun state (January 1992 – November 1993) called the nurse (Alfred Aderibigbe) who administered the pain killers on Saturday, April 22, 20 times in the wee hours of Sunday without luck. All the aides and associates he hollered for help on his mobile phone were also fast asleep.

It was in the morning, around 9, that a friend sauntered into his bedroom and found him practically dead. He raised an alarm, but the light skinned politician passed on before help came.

Piecing together his final hours, Encomium Weekly discovered that the 62 year old politico was reluctant to attend the ceremony of a friend (burial of Hon. Olalekan Amobi’s mother in Kuta, Ayedire LGA) as he confessed that he was tired and in pains. But an old associate persuaded him to show up at the event since they already planned attending. They adorned the ‘aso ebi’, and decided not to spend a long time there.

By the time they got to the event, it was almost over. But arrangements were made to entertain the Senator and his entourage.

He only shared a piece of fish and meat with his associates at the party.

By the time he got home, he complained of  being terribly tired and in pains. And called his nurse, who was reportedly shooed away by his billionaire younger brother  (Dr. Deji Adeleke) about three years ago. The elder Adeleke was warned to stop using him (the nurse).

The nurse came, and Adeleke gave him the drugs he was said to have bought in the United States of America when he attended his younger brother’s 60th birthday on March 6 (staged in Atlanta, Georgia). The nurse administered some of the drugs intravenously, and in higher dosage than recommended. Some said Adeleke had a troubling goitre issue which tormented him.

It was clear that the nurse was to be at alert as he confirmed to the politician’s associates on his way out that he would soon be sent for.

While the nurse left, the associates hung around to enjoy themselves. Senator Isiaka Adeleke bid them goodnight, and instructed that he didn’t want to receive visitors until 2 pm that Sunday. That he had had a long day, and was in anguish.

He retired to his bedroom. And as the night wore on, he lay in pains. When it became unbearable, he started calling on phone for help. He called the nurse 20 times without luck.

The nurse, who was to be at alert, reportedly had a tiff with his first wife that day, and decided to pass the night in his second wife’s house. That’s how he missed all the distress calls.

The associates and friends who slept in the politician’s Ede home, about five of them, also didn’t pick their calls.

It was in the morning that one of his friends who relocated from London (the United Kingdom) a few years back entered his bedroom and found an almost lifeless Senator Isiaka Adeleke. He screamed for help, but by the time an ambulance came and they were on the way to the hospital, he was confirmed dead.

Panic set in, and frantic calls were made to his siblings  (Dr. Deji, Mrs. Dupe and Mr. Demola). The younger sister (Dupe) lives in Ede as she works at Adeleke University on Ede-Osogbo Road (established by Dr. Deji Adeleke). And she was the first to arrive with her husband.

About three calls came in for Dr. Deji Adeleke who was in Lagos. Confused, he called his brother’s security detail who confirmed the passing on and was wailing. The billionaire mogul who is Davido’s father slumped in panic. He was chauffeur-driven to Ede that Sunday in distress.

The Senator’s two wives (Faustina and Nike) were inconsolable.

The father of five children (three by his first wife, and two by his second – all are now in the United States of America) was to be in Abuja that Sunday, April 23.

The implicated nurse was whisked to Abuja for interrogation. And during the Coroner’s inquest the cause of death was listed as asphyxiation caused by drug overdose…

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