Unveiling the 9 most popular contemporary wedding and  love songs -the songs of our time that rule nuptial’s playlists


Wedding is one day women fantasize about all their life, with American TV star, Kim Kardashian remarking before her marriage to basketballer, Kris Humphires that she had been planning for her wedding since she was 10!

Little wonder they can go to great length like shopping abroad in preparation for that day. Men are not left out in the frenzy, but are a lot calmer and more calculated in the days, weeks and months leading to the big day.

It is rather expected as, ideally, it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that lives long in the memory of both parties. And as is the case with many occasions, music plays a significant part of it. Wedding playlists set the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.

ENCOMIUM Weekly looks into contemporary songs that rank high on wedding playlists…

  1. Sunny Neji – Oruka

This highlife tune is the fitting description of the word timeless. It is such a nice and beautiful composition that for more than a decade now, it has remained undisputed as the most played contemporary wedding song in the land. Oruka which translates to ‘ring’ is the perfect song for wedding receptions.

Not only will this tune make you dance, it helps the newly-wedded couple reiterate their wedding vows and proclaim their love for each other over and over. And at the end of the day, the groom would sing bye bye to mummy, bye bye to daddy, I wanna be with my wifey. While she’ll return bye bye to mummy, bye bye to daddy, I wanna be with my hubby, because oruka ti d’owo na.


  1. Flavour – Ada ada

The Enugu-born singer is a talented musician, combining strong lyrical prowess with his beautiful vocals. He is also one of the best live performers on the African continent with a number of awards validating this.

Ada in Igbo means ‘the eldest daughter’.

On this lovely high life tune which is accompanied by colourful visuals to celebrate the Igbo traditional marriage, Flavour sings about the beauty of the African woman on her big day.


  1. Timi Dakolo – Iyawo mi

One-time West African Idols winner, Timi Dakolo, is a wonderful vocalist and not only that, he is equally a fine musician.

The crooner, who is clearly enjoying marriage, specially dedicated this tune to his wife of three years who featured on the video for the song in celebration of their union. It was produced by Cobhams Asuquo who took Timi’s soft but beautiful vocals and fashioned a lovely piece of music with traditional melody.


  1. TWO ft. Tenim – Wedding day

The love story of Tunde and Wunmi Obe (or TWO) is the stuff of fairy tales. The crooning couple have been together for all of 26 years and have been married for 16 of them!

Wedding day, as the title suggests, is a nice tune that celebrates the D-day when couples tie the knot and are joined in holy matrimony. It features budding singer, Tenim.


  1. Tosin Martins – Olo Mi

This song may have been released years ago, it is however still hugely popular among couples, especially on their wedding.

Olo mi, in Yoruba, implies my beloved one or my most cherished one – such things that the groom would say to his bride while looking into her eyes.

Lines like I’ve found a good thing, favour from above, I’ve got that feeling that’s in a touch of love stand this tune out, making it perfect both for the big day and for the days afterwards.


  1. 2Face – African Queen

Arguably 2Face’s finest song of all time and one of the genuine evergreen songs of this age. African Queen is sort of compliment the groom gives his bride and she’s his for keeps.

From the voice pitch, the guitar progression and lyrics – every aspect of this tune is well fashioned to create the classic R ‘n’ B tune.


  1. P Square – No one like you

The duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, or P-Square are fine music makers and have consistently given songs after songs to celebrate love, and No One Like You is one of such songs. As the title suggests, it is a song that tells you that the couple have made their pick out, and can now say, I’ve been to many places and seen many faces, but there’s no like you.


  1. D’Banj – Fall in love

We suppose marry ’cause you don make me fall in love is one line from a song that Nigerians will not forget in a hurry. It is not the regular love tune with slow and soft melody that slowly builds up, rather it’s an upbeat pop tune that makes you want bop your head, but not forgetting to profess your love as you sing along.


  1. Tiwa Savage ft Leo Wonder – Ife Wa Gbona

When Tiwa Savage did this song, not many had seen this soulful side of her as she had the reputation of an energetic pop star a la American star, Rihanna.

On this song, the lady professes her heart-felt feelings for her man, these lines from the first verse tells the story, his name is alone in my heart, ’cause no be lie, nothing can tear us apart. Bobo bobo o nothing do you, hey, my bobo bobo o, I can die for you. I must be the luckiest girl in the world; ’cause you chose me, to share this love in your world.


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