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What are the likely charges against Davido in Tagbo’s death?

David Adeleke, more popularly known as Davido, has been invited again by the Police on suspicion that he hid some of the events of the last hours of Tagbo Umeike’s death on Tuesday, October 3.What’s more, the driver of his Hilux escort vehicle and the vehicle were participated in dumping the corpse of Tagbo at The General Hospital in Lagos.

The invitation followed the announcement of the cause of 35 year old Tagbo Umeike’s death and the role he played in dumping his corpse at The General Hospital, LAGOS.
So, what are the likely offences of Davido?

Here are four likely offences the popular musician could face unless he convinces the Police that he took all reasonable steps and had nothing to do with the tragedy and the dumping of the corpse as compiled by Encomium.ng:
1. Lying to the Police and perverting the course of justice. 
2. Participating in the hiding of the death of Tagbo.
3. Initiating and encouraging the dangerous drinking contest. 
4. Criminal negligence by allowing Tagbo to be dumped in a locked vehicle, and not ensuring his safety and wellbeing. 



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