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What fuels rape? Who is susceptible to being defiled?

Nobody prays to be a rape victim. But at the same time, there are precautions to take in order to avoid being a victim

Here are some factors that fuel rape…


Iriogbe Albert

At times, it is nothing. Just the perverseness of the mind. What will make  a father rape his three year old daughter? Is it that the girl is attractive or she seduced her father? At times, it is nothing. Such men will say it is the devil.


Tessy Akujobi

A lot of factors lead to rape. Some matured girls don’t dress well, they don’t walk with the right company. Once you dress well, move with the right set of people, you are likely not to be a victim of rape. Girls should stop exposing their bodies, most especially boobs


Julian Justin

Some guys are not well brought up. The bible says train a child in the way he should go and he wouldn’t depart from it. Guys should be trained to respect women. If you respect a woman, you wouldn’t force her to sleep with you. Parents should teach their children to be disciplined.


Abimbola Alien

Indiscipline among men, lack of adequate attention by the parents on their children. Men see such children as prey. Parents should take good care of their children, especially the most vulnerable ones who are still young.


Marian Oladeji

Some guys are addicted to watching porn. They get aroused and there is nowhere to let out the steam so they have to look for an innocent child to abuse.


Sunday Elijah

Lack of self control can fuel rape. I have seen a man fall into a drainage because he couldn’t control himself. He looked and looked at a lady till he fell. Such a man can rape that lady if he has the opportunity.


Toyin Nnadozie

Carelessness can fuel rape. Carelessness on the part of parents who abandon their children. Sometimes back, a girl of seven was raped twice by the same guy. The mother of the victim sells alcoholic drinks. She would abandon the girl and men would be touching her anyhow. She was raped twice. Such carelessness can fuel it, leaving your daughter in care of an uncle is wrong.


Abel Brown

Alcohol induced drinks also fuel rape. All those paraga being sold at every corner can cause it. They all enhance sexual performance. Once they take it and there is nowhere to ease their feelings, they can rape at any given opportunity.


Jennifer Oni

Ladies should stop walking alone at night or very early in the morning, most especially at solitary places. Men take advantage of that to rape ladies.



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