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Is paraga the cause of rising rape cases?

The rate at which rape cases crop up is quite alarming. Some have blamed the rise to increased intake of paraga (those aphrodisiac concoctions with fanciful names).
We sampled opinions of Nigerians to know if paraga is actually the cause of rising rape cases…
Christiana Jokotoye
No, it is not the major cause but it can lead to it. A drunkard is like a mad man, he wouldn’t know what he is doing at that moment. He can rape an innocent citizen, especially if it is someone he has feelings for. If he has been toasting the person, he can use that as an opportunity to rape her.
Ayodeji Ayola
No, it doesn’t. If we say it does, are we now saying that all rapists drink Paraga? Whoever rapes has the intention of raping. Like the Yorubas say, “You only act based on what you have conceived when you are under alcoholic influence.” The  only difference is that someone who is under the influence of alcohol tends to carry tasks out easily. I don’t think paraga has any connection with rape.
Sunday Ayeni
It may not be a major cause but it is possible. A person that is high can do and undo. Once alcohol content is taken in excess, the person can misbehave. That is why it is not good to take an overdose of it.
Chukwudi Chukwuma
Yes it can, anything that is a mind-twister can aid rape. Once it is taken in excess, if there is privacy where the drunkard and victim are, there is a possibility of such to take place.
Segun Fowowola
Yes, it can. Most of the people that drink Paraga take it in excess, they put a lot of addictives to it. Once they do that, there will be an erection. Until they find a way of easing the erection, they wouldn’t be satisfied. That is why some of them commit that atrocity.
Biodun Akila
One of the purpose of taking paraga is to enhance sexual performance. Once it is taken in excess, some of those boys would like to test the potency of what they paid for. They can do and undo at that particular moment.
Timothy Anjola
I don’t quite agree with you. It is not all rapists that confess to have indulged in addictive drinking. Some of them don’t have reasons for committing that crime. Some of them are usually not under the influence of alcohol. The case of a father raping his daughter is not as a result of the influence of alcohol. I don’t think paraga aids incessant rape cases.
Charles Christopher
It is possible for paraga to aid it. Why do those men take paraga in the morning, some even take it at night. They do that to enhance their daily performance, either sexually or strength wise.
Augustine Ojo
There is possibility of that to happen with the way men take paraga everyday. If the person doesn’t have self control and if the drink is taken in excess, it can lead to incessant rape.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 



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