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Heidi Klum, bodyguard boyfriend part ways

Seal’s former wife, Heidi Klum has separated from her bodyguard boyfriend, Martin Kirsten, after 18 months of whirlwind romance.

The super model, 40, and Kirsten, 41, began their dalliance just a few months after her marriage of many years to the super star Nigerian-British singer ended.

39 year-old banker falls from JP Morgan’s Canary Wharf headquarters

The financial hub of London, the United Kingdom, recorded a mysterious death as a 39 year-old banker plunged to death from JP Morgan’s headquarters in Canary Wharf.

The banker with JP Morgan, whose identity couldn’t be disclosed because his family had to be informed first, fell from the 33- storey European headquarters of the financial institution this morning.

Where germs lurk most in your home

Your home is a haven of dangerous bacteria – and the places germs lurk the most are in your bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

In your bathroom, your bath mat, walls by the toilet and toothbrush holder exhibit the most germs and need special attention.

In your kitchen, your coffee maker, pet food bowl and stove knobs are home to harmful germs.

And your remote control, dog toys and light switches are havens for bacteria in your living rooms.

Americans want Bieber deported for reckless and dangerous lifestyle

Fifty thousand Americans have signed a petition urging the government to deport superstar singer, Justin Bieber from their country because of his “dangerous, reckless and destructive” lifestyle.

The online petition forwarded to the White House wants the Canadian poster boy of music deported over his recent arrest and slew of controversies.

Netanyahu’s son under fire for dating non-Jew

Twenty three year old, Yair, son of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is causing his father utmost pain and criticism for dating a non-Jew.

Critics of the Prime Minister are questioning the example set by his son by dating a Norwegian woman who attends the same school (Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzliya, Israel) with him.

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