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Why denial of marital mess by Mercy Aigbe’s husband doesn’t add up

Despite the denial by Larry Gentry, husband of beautiful thespian, Mercy Aigbe, an industry source told encomium.ng that all is not well with the couple at the moment. The source added that the union crashed on allegations and counter allegations of infidelity from both sides which eventually fueled the speculation of wife battery.
“There is no iota of true in what Mercy Aigbe’s husband is saying, there is no how he can defend that he didn’t beat Mercy. If not, where did all the photographs on social media come from? Were they photo-shopped? So, his denial is not necessary at all. All he needs do at the moment is just look for away of reconciling with her if he really wants her back. He can’t tell the public he didn’t beat Mercy, and from Mercy’s look in the photographs it goes beyond movie location make up.

“Even, I learnt Mercy has moved to a secret apartment in Magodo. Not only that, Mercy has reported the matter to the Ministry of Women Affairs, Lagos state. And I learnt her husband may be invited for interrogation on the alleged battery. Now, the woman was hit on the head, leading to fracture of the skull.”

However, all encomium.ng’s effort to get Aigbe’s reaction didn’t yield the desired result as her mobile remains switched off.

Meanwhile, when her hubby, Gentry was contacted on Friday, April 28, 2017, the popular hotelier denied any squabble in his marriage to the Edo born actress cum film maker despite all the horrible pictures, suggestive of battery that inundated the social media since the story broke on Friday, April 28, 2017.
– Tade Asifat for encomium.ng

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