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‘Why I apologised to Ekiti people’ – Fayose

EKITI governor, Ayodele Fayose has explained why he begged for forgiveness from the people of the state, especially the 19 aggrieved All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers led by Dr. Adewale Omirin.

Fayose, who spoke via one of his media aides, Mr. Lere Olayinka, on Sunday, April 19, 2015, said the need to move the state forward informed his decision to embrace peace, not the fear of impeachment by a group as being bandied in certain quarters of the state.

Olayinka told ENCOMIUM Weekly point blank that Fayose has no skeleton in his cupboard, so he has no reason to nurse any fear that could have warranted his recent statement.

According to him, the need to embrace peace and live as big brothers and sisters for the progress of the state is paramount in the agenda of Fayose as number one indigene of the state.

“Governor Fayose is the number one person in Ekiti as of today.  He is a leader per excellence.  He must not see himself trading words with any individual or group.

“Although, his statement is political, it’s just to ensure there is peace in the land.  But let me tell you, the case of the 19 lawmakers is zero.  Omirin himself couldn’t come to Ekiti to vote during the election.  He was in Idanre throughout the period.  Why must he run from the people he claims he loves?

“They are all afraid because they are not only fighting Fayose, they are fighting the people of Ekiti State.  They are fighting the artisans, students, workers, National Union of Road Transport Workers and others.  And how can you be fighting your people and win them?  How do you fight the wind and win?  It’s not possible.

“They should be moving freely if they are sure of the cause they are pursuing.  If there is anyone that should be afraid after the governor himself, I think it should be me but I am so free.  As I speak to you now, I just finished eating and drinking and I am driving home freely.  I am from Oke Mesi.  I can’t say I am afraid of my people, I now run away from them.  That means my hands are not clean.  They should check themselves.”

Asked to comment on the state of things in the state after the protest a few days back, that almost paralysed all economic activities in the state, he reacted, “There is no problem in Ekiti now.  There is no permanent peace at the moment.  No crisis again.  Some of us move round without any security men attached to us.  And nothing has happened to us.

“Just like I said, Fayose’s action to apologise to the people of Ekiti doesn’t mean he’s afraid of anybody but to create an avenue for dialogue so that the state can move forward.”

On Friday, April 17, 2015, Governor Fayose reportedly asked for forgiveness from those he might have offended and expressed readiness to dialogue with opponents with a view to bringing peace to Ekiti State.  He was said to have spoken at a special prayer session organized for him by Ansar-ur-deen Mosque, Arikankan in Ado Ekiti to celebrate his recent electoral victory at the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Omirin is yet to believe Fayose’s new step.  And according to the statement credited to the embattled Speaker in one of the dailies, Fayose might not mean his words.


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