‘Why my boobs were exposed at a costume valentine party’ -Cossy Orjiakor

Controversial actress cum singer, Cossy Orjiakor is in the news again. A couple of days back, pictures she took during the Valentine celebration flooded the social media. Once again, she bared it all in the pictures exposing her boobs. ENCOMIUM Weekly took her up on this and much more.

How did you spend your Valentine Day celebration?

I went to a club, Caliente. It is owned by a friend of mine. It is in Victoria Island, Lagos. There was a costume party and a Mariam Rich Concert. Guests were expected to put on sexy dresses. It was really fun. I had a great time there.

Why the choice of the outfit you wore to the club?

It was a costume party. I wanted something sexy, so I went for that outfit.

Did your fans appreciate the exposure of your boobs?

My nipples were not out, if my nipples were out, it meant I was actually naked. I just chose a sexy dress for a costume party, that was all. I don’t know if my fans appreciated that or not. I am not my fans. I am living my life, I don’t give room for people to ask me such questions. No, I don’t take it at all.

Why do you like exposing your boobs?

All I wore that day was a costume attire. If I am driving out may be to the market or to see a friend, I wouldn’t dress like that. It all depends on where I am going. I dress according to the occasion. I wouldn’t go out like that on a normal day.

What is up with you career wise?

I am doing very good. If you don’t see me on television, it doesn’t mean I am not doing well for myself, that is not true. Anything I feel like doing is what I do. It is what my body wants to do that I do. I can as well be producing movies daily but I don’t know how they get their money back; so, I cannot venture into what I wouldn’t get my money from.


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