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Why my parents disliked my hit song – Princess Vitarah

US based Nigerian rapper, Princess Vitarah became an internet sensation early 2016 when she dropped visuals to her provocative single, ‘Nigerian Pussy’, a song where she rapped about her privates and how it was better than that of other women.

The talented entertainer has followed it up with another sizzling song, ‘Tell Your Husband’ from her Los Angeles, USA base to confirm that she is here to stay.

The busty rapper in this interview with shares insights into her ‘breakthrough’ single, music, family and much more…


What informed your hit song “Nigerian Pussy”?

Princess Vitarah 01“Nigerian Pussy was inspired by a conversation that I had with a guy in a club late one night. Without getting into too much detail, we spoke about all the different kitty cat’s that he had sampled and he confessed that Nigerian kitty is the tightest. After a bit of research and asking around I concluded that he was correct and so I was freestyling in the studio one day and the idea popped into my head and that is how the song came along.”

Some people probably believe you’re a lesbian and think you sang the song from experience; can you please set this straight?

“No I am not a lesbian. I sang the song from the experience of my own assets and from what I hear other people say. Everyone knows Naija kitty is the tightest. It is no secret.”

The song became an instant hit the moment the video got on the Internet, what would you attribute this to?

“I believe the song and video became an instant hit because it is very catchy and infectious and because it is something new. There is no other song out there like Nigerian Pussy and there will never be. I also think people were surprised by the boldness of the lyrics.”

It has also gotten a lot of reactions both internationally and here in Nigeria, how does it make you feel?

“I feel very thankful for the success of Nigerian Pussy because I never expected it to blow to this level. The response has been overwhelming and I want to thank all my supporters and fans, and my mentors including Olamide and MI Abaga.”

Princess Vitarah 03Have your family members listened to the song, if not how do you think they would react when they eventually do?

“Lol um my parents are not a huge fan of the song. When it first came out everyone in my family begged me to delete the video. But I think they understand now that I am an artist and that I have to be creative in order to stand out.”

How did the journey into music start for you?

“I moved from Houston to Los Angeles in early 2016 because I wanted to pursue music. The music scene in Houston wasn’t going anywhere so I knew that I had to move. Once I got to LA I started meeting with a lot of experienced producers and musicians who advised me to chase my dreams and not let anyone put a limit on my creativity. So I worked on creating my own unique sound and I began to rap. I entered the studio one day and my producer played a beat that I really liked. I started freestyling and that’s how Nigerian Pussy came to be.”

What was growing up like for princess Vitarah?

“Growing up for me was difficult because I always knew that I wanted to do music but a lot of people tried to discourage me. Everyone would say ‘Oh you have to stay in school and become a nurse or doctor’ but I knew from a young age that wasn’t the pathway for me. So it was hard for me while growing up because I wanted to be a rapper and this is not usually acceptable in a Nigerian household.

Since you’ve broken into the Nigerian music industry with your hit song, would you be moving down to Nigeria to face the Music business?

“Yes I will be moving to Nigeria very soon to face the music business. I have been taking my time to do this because I want to do it right. I love afrobeats and highlife but I still love to rap so I will find a way to balance the two that will please my fans and my audience.”

Which Nigerian music acts would you like work with?

Princess Vitarah 02“The musicians that I would like to work with are MI, Olamide, Davido, Lil Kesh, YCee, Falz, and Jesse Jagz. I’m open to working with other people too if the opportunity presents itself but these are the guys that I think we will make a hit together once we enter the studio.

How soon would you come down to Nigeria for shows?

“I have quite a few shows lined up in Nigeria for the summer and in Ghana also (laughs) so I will be there very soon. I have to be careful in Ghana though.”

Tell us more about yourself?

“Well Vitarah is my middle name. My name is Chidimma. And yes, I am a real princess. My dad is a chief.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years time, by God’s grace, I see myself with a huge fan base one that can rival The Navy or The Beyhive. Having fans is very important because without them you are nobody. I’m very thankful for my followers and my supporters. In 5 years time, I will be a household name throughout Africa, Europe and hopefully America as well.

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