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‘Why we love our wigs’ – Women real how expensive visiting hairdressers is

Wig is becoming a common phenomenon with women since recession started. A woman can have as many wigs as possible, the most important thing is to treat them. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with women, stylist on why they love wigs



It’s been a while I fixed my hair last.  I have been using wig since last year.  I started using wigs when recession set in and it became difficult to be making my hair monthly.  I like wigs because it is economical, it saves time and it is easy to maintain.



Yes, I use wig. I started using wig because making hair has become very expensive. I love using human hair, I spend over N40,000 any time I want to make my hair so I had to go for wigs which is economical for me.



I use wig because it saves time. With the nature of our economy, one can’t be spending so much money on what would not last. The nature of my job does not give room for patronizing salon every two weeks. I will call my hair stylist to make a new wig for me every month. I have up to six wigs. When it is ten, I would stop making more.



I love wigs because it saves cost. I don’t have to spend every time to make one. Wigs are durable even if it is made with synthetic. Human hair is the best because one can use them forever.

They are also not expensive. I can’t pay as much when making wigs like I would pay when fixing my hair.



I use wig. I love wigs because I can get any style I wish to make. Sometimes I buy hair and give it to my stylist to make for me. Using wigs is much cheaper for me. I can re-cycle a wig more than five times. Once it is made from good hair.



Wigs have a lot of advantages. If we are to go by the nature of the economy, one would not even make hair again. I am on low cut now, I just use wig to cover up anytime I am out of the house. I spend less on my hair now. I can use my wig for as many times as possible.



Making hair is a great burden to me, that is why I switched to wigs. Left for me, I would be on a low cut but my husband wants me to be making my hair. Wig was just the best option for me. I don’t go to the salon again. I treat my wigs at home, I have all the necessary things I need to treat them at home.



It was my stylist who introduced wigs to me when I stopped going to make hair at his place. I just go the salon once a while to treat my wig. It is very comfortable for me, it saves time and money at the same time.



Capital yes, women are no longer making hair like before. Three things are involved: it is a new year and a new session for their children to go back to school, prices of things have gone up, everything is expensive.

Another reason is that hair has gone viral, people are ready to convert their hair into wigs or braid wigs. Some don’t have the time to sit down and make new hair, they just treat and wear.

The third reason is the recession. Despite that, people still make hair. Some are trying to cut cost. Patronage has gone down, about 30 percent are making their hair and it cut across people within age 18-23 years.

They still make hair but it varies, it is better to buy expensive hair that would last for long, they can use it like five times. It is of no value to buy a cheap hair and discard after use.  I advise my clients to buy good hair so they can use over and over again.



Women don’t make hair like before. The rate at which they make hair has reduced drastically. It is true that they now go on wigs. There are different types of wigs they can use. There is the braid wig and hair wig. Some might buy human hair and we convert it into a wig for them, it would save time and money that way.

We also make braid wigs as well. It lasts for long once they treat it.

Women love wigs because it saves time and money. The amount they would spend on making hair weekly or monthly would not be as much as the amount they would pay for wig. Once they make a good wig, they can use it as many times as possible.



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