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Is it possible for a woman to rape a man?

The issue of rape has spread across the world like a wild hamattan fire. It has become a common crime that is treated in courts regularly. However, no certain reason has been given to the cause of rape. Rape is defined as an act of forcing sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon another person without their consent or against their will. It is not specified in the above definition, but it is believed that men are usually the rapists. People believe that women can only seduce but they can’t rape. Seduction is the act of enticing, luring or inducing someone to engage in a sexual inter course. Not withstanding, few cases have been reported where the female is accused of raping the male. Now, the question is, “Is it possible for a woman to rape a man”? Encomium Weekly sampled the opinions of Nigerians whether it is possible for a woman to rape a man.  Here are their responses.



I don’t think it is possible unless there is a physical superiority of the woman over the man. Rape must be done against the consent of the man. Once it is not against his consent, it is no more rape. It is the man that would jack, will the woman sleeping with him tell him to be jacking and still allege it is rape? I don’t think a woman can rape a man truly.



There is no way a woman can rape a man. If it is rape, the man would not be aroused in the first place since you are forcing him to do it. Once the organ is not aroused, there wouldn’t be sex. It is not logical at all to say a woman can rape a man.



I don’t think it is possible.  In the first place, sex involves both parties and most of the work is done by the man. I don’t see how he can do anything if he doesn’t consent to it.

Even if she seduces the man, he must agree before he can do anything. It is easier for a man to rape a woman than saying a woman is raping a man.



I just heard it, I don’t think it can happen, unless the man is lying.  Once he gets in the mood, it is no more rape. I don’t even think it is possible for that to happen.



Yes, a lady can rape a guy if the lady drugs the guy, and a lady cannot rape a guy unless they are many. It’s possible because if the woman or lady falls in love with a man and the man does not show affection, she had tried all her best to sleep with him but always abortive and she is in mood, she can drug him or tell him that she will blackmail him.



It depends on the situation. Was he drugged, forced at gun point, or gang raped? The circumstance will determine



Legally, the constitution does not recognise that a man can be raped. However, socially it is possible if it’s against the man’s will and consent



It depends, but most times a lady can’t. Not that she can’t do it but a man can do it better.



Yes, it’s possible. When you look at the strength of the woman, it’s impossible. When you look at the situation of the guy he could be put on sedative or chained.



It’s possible because the lady might have had information about the guy that he’s good at sex, while the lady cannot do without sex.  She may use woman tricks to subdue the man.



Yes, of course, a woman can rape and the reason is the same for a man to rape a woman.



It is possible, if the lady drugs the man, but it will not be one person.



It’s not possible for a lady to rape a man because men are stronger than ladies. Even if the lady is stronger she can never force his manhood to rise unless the guy has intention to do it.



Yes, a lady can rape a guy if the lady drugs the guy.



A lady cannot rape a guy unless they are many.




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