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‘Why we shun made in Nigeria goods’ -Nigerians (3)

Opting for foreign products has always been a trend among most Nigerians. And this has greatly affected Nigeria’s economy as the country can’t boast of producing many items on its own. And even if any product bears a made in Nigeria logo, Nigerians won’t patronize it. They will prefer to go for foreign ones on assumption that foreign products are of superior quality.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views also shared this belief…



Yes, I patronize Nigerian products. They are better than most things we buy abroad and they last longer. Also, it will help boost our economy. People should stop looking down on Nigerian goods and start buying them because they are our homeland goods.



Yes, I do. I make sure whenever I go to the market, I ask for Nigerian products first. I was so glad when I saw the Made in Aba trade fair on TV. I love Nigerian products. They are quality goods and they last longer than foreign products, especially Nigerian shoes. I am a proud Nigerian.



I patronize both local and foreign goods but I have strong preference for foreign ones. Even if foreign items are fairly used, especially wears, they’re still by far better than Nigerian made you see at some of our boutiques. I think our government should do something fast so that we will not continue to depend on foreign goods. It’s sad that Nigeria can’t boast of producing anything original.



I don’t patronize made in Nigeria goods because most of them are fake and highly inferior to the foreign ones. I don’t mind what it will cost me, all I need is quality materials that will last longer than expectation.

It’s high time Nigerian government put in place a policy that will encourage our local manufacturers so that they too can step up the game.



Yes, I do. I patronize a lot of things, I even go to Aba market to buy materials. My Igbo brothers are really trying, I can’t even differentiate Aba from China, we are going places. I like them that’s why I patronize them.



Yes, I am an artist, I make adire, batic and other indigenous materials with locally made dye. I wear them and I love them because they are beautiful and unique.



Personally, I think the issue of patronizing local products is a mindset problem. And we fail to realize that it has a big role to play in our crashing economy. We need reorientation. But on the flip side, you’d want to empathize with Nigerians. You can’t blame them solely for preferring foreign products. The standard of some of the things we produce here is nothing to write home about.

It is hurting us as a country, admittedly but the government has an important role to play in changing things. They should start by supporting manufacturers with conducive environment and of course loans and then ban the importation of certain things that we can produce ourselves. Is that too much to ask?!



Of course, I buy Nigerian made in Nigeria products! We have to support the local companies, especially farmers. When it comes to food, I actually prefer the local ones, like our local rice.

But truth be told, many of the household items are imported. I don’t think that’s our fault, if the government stops the importation of some of these things, we will all have no choice than to patronise Nigerian products.



Yes. I do that a lot. I discovered lately that Nigeria is blessed. Anytime I patronise made in Nigeria goods, I am contributing to the GDP of the nation and securing my children’s future.



I patronise made in Nigeria products very well. Though, not for all items I need. I believe in my country. We are gifted. We have lovely things to showcase and they are affordable. Some even last more than foreign products.


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