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12 things about Ooni, Wuraola’s marital mess we now know for sure

The troubled marriage of Ooni of Ife (Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi) and Olori Wuraola Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi is fatally wounded as more details emerge in the now ill-fated 16 month union. 

Separating rumours and well cooked tales from the truth has been difficult in the ghastly damaged wedlock contracted on Saturday, March 12, 2016. 

But since the story escaped into public space about a week ago,’s sources from both parties agreed on a few facts.


And here are 12 of the details we know for sure about the royal union between Ile Ife and Benin city as compiled by


  1. There was no courtship or whirlwind romance between Ooni and Olori Wuraola. 

No matter the source you believe, the duo met weeks before they were united in marriage.

While some stated that they met two months before their March 12, 2016 nuptials, others claimed it was a month before the ceremony.

Whether they were introduced by Dame Daisy Danjuma (the Yeye Oba, King’s mother), met in Lagos, she drove to Ile Ife or chosen by the oracles, everything happened in weeks.

Courtship or romance required in a lifelong union was absent. And this singular omission jeopardized their wedlock.


  1. There were a number of rituals before the marriage was consummated. 

Before the King and his then new wife could share a bed, there were a series of rituals to cleanse and fortify the Queen.

Palace sources maintained that the rituals lasted till late in the night of Saturday, March 12, 2016.

These rituals prepared Olori Wuraola from harm as the King, considered a deity whose initiation process lasted weeks, is no longer an ordinary human being. And anyone who wants to share his bed must also be protected.

This protection also hovers around the Olori who can’t mix with other men as they risk terrifying repercussions.


  1. They stopped having sex barely months into their marriage. 

Both parties, from sources close to the King and the Queen, concurred that sex between them ended towards the end of 2016.

While miscarriage was named and dismissed, incompatibility dancing around constant bickering murdered their romantic feelings.

Both even started sleeping in different separate rooms.


  1. A bungalow was commissioned for Olori Wuraola behind the palace. 

As their bickering escalated, the King decided that it would be better and more convenient to stop sharing an apartment with his Olori, and he commissioned a four-bedroom bungalow behind the palace.

By the end of July 2017, the new apartment was roofed and receiving finishing touches.


  1. Olori Wuraola didn’t get along with Ooni’s father and sisters. 

After the initial welcome into the family, the chummy relationship between Baba Oba Aderopo Ogunwusi (father of the King) and Ooni’s sisters (Adesola Ogunwusi Olojede, Adebimpe Ogunwusi Daodu and Folashade Ogunwusi Fadairo) soured.

It’s unclear what caused the strain in the relationship, but the Olori was out of favour with the King’s father and sisters.


  1. Ooni takes on more wives.

One of the sources of their disagreement is the subject of more wives.

While Olori Wuraola claimed they had an agreement that she would be the only wife, Baba Oba Aderopo Ogunwusi maintained that there was no such accord. That even at the wedding in Benin, the subject of more wives was mentioned to the Queen’s father.

Insiders close to Ooni said he has made up his mind to marry more women.

Those on the Queen’s side hollered that a new Olori is in the wings, but the palace denied any such lady. They confirmed, however, that soon the Ooni will bring in more wives.


  1. Settlement terms broached.

Once the marriage appeared irreparable, settlement terms were discussed.

Sources who know about the terms (for Olori Wuraola) listed:

  1. House in Ikoyi, Lagos
  2. Another house in Lekki, Lagos
  3. Three cars
  4. N300 million

The negotiation has reportedly been discontinued.


  1.  Wuraola issued 30-day ultimatum to move her things from the palace. 

In the early days of August, after it was clear to the Ooni that his marriage was ghastly injured, he issued a 30-day ultimatum for Olori Wuraola to move her ‘belongings’ from the palace.

At this time, both were no longer on speaking terms, and were living apart.

While he’s in Ile Ife, she shuttled from Lagos and Abuja.


  1. King and Queen ignored each other at Lagos airport on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

Bystanders gawked and mopped as husband and wife didn’t as much as exchange glances or pleasantries as they met at the lounge of Lagos airport.

Olori Wuraola was already at the lounge when Ooni arrived with his entourage. She didn’t acknowledge her husband of 16 months, neither did he show any sign thst both once professed love.

The embarrassing scenario was the first public indication of marriage troubles.

Both were headed to Abuja for the same event!


  1. Olori Wuraola met with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday, August 15.

The Queen met the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday, August 15, to discuss her marital woes. But the step the ex-leader will take is unknown as the troubles escalated in the last one week.


  1. Olori’s ‘properties’ removed from the palace on Saturday, August 19.

A truck from Lagos moved the ‘properties’ of Olori Wuraola from the palace in Ile Ife. The packing was supervised by an aide of the Ooni.

And one of the things that wasn’t moved was a bedroom set from Lebanon reportedly bought for $25,000 by the Queen.


  1. Olori Wuraola settles in Abuja. 

The light-skinned Benin princess is likely to settle in Abuja as she picks up the pieces of her life.

Still shuttling between Lagos and Abuja, her friends revealed that she will revive her property development business in the nation’s capital..




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