Latest couple (Chinazo and Mekam Okoye), Bridal Party, Groom’s Mother and Friends share their joy

DSC_0599‘I’ve found my happiness’ Mekan Tochukwu (groom)

We thank God for the success of today. We thank our parents, too. I have found my happiness and I wish everybody present here a happy 2017.


‘He has the most lovely parents’ – Chinazo Isabelle (Bride)

I thank God for keeping us till this day, it is a day we longed for.

We thank our parents. I can’t begin to explain how special our parents are. My husband has the most lovely mom and the most lovely father. He would also agree with me that I have the most lovely mom and dad too.

Thank you, our parents. Thank you to our brothers and sisters, all our friends. Everyone who has come to celebrate with us, thank you and God bless.


DSC_0083‘This is one of the most complimentary unions I’ve seen’ – Chike Nwabuo (Bestman)

Can we meet you?

Sure, my name is Chike Nwabuo. I am a medical doctor, trained in several places, here in Nigeria, University of Lagos. I did my advanced training at John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA and now, I am practicing at Harvard University, Cambridge. That explains the different areas I have known Mekam over the last ten years.

We have been colleagues through different stages – as students, physicians and we have had a huge range of experiences and very memorable moments. I have to say, my huge delight to be bestman at his wedding. I have never seen Mekam as happy as he is today. He is like a different guy today. Just having that person that complements you makes things easy. If you look at him across the stage, it is easy to see how happy he is.

Can you tell us how they met?

I wouldn’t say specifically when or how because I wasn’t there. I was abroad doing my training and he told me, Chike, I have met my wife. Mekam has a keen sense of knowing what he wants and goes after it. A lot of people stumble on whom they would end up with and try around but Mekam has always been single minded. I think he knew that Chinazo would make him happy. Trust me, there were many people who were interested but he had made his choice.

They are unique. In my mind, this is probably one of the most complementary unions one has ever seen.

How would you describe Mekam?

He is an interesting guy. He has a unique, warm personality that makes you want to be around him. If you go through all the places he has been, all the people he has met, it is very difficult to see someone who doesn’t like Mekam. Beyond being friendly, he is intelligent, noble, very personable and successful at everything he does. It is very rare to see someone combine all these qualities.

It is difficult to see someone that is perfect but if you are looking for that perfect guy, that would be Mekam. It is difficult as a guy to say this but he is what people look for when they want a guy to settle with. You can always depend on him through thick and thin. If I am going to be in trouble, and I have two people to call, I would choose my parents, of course, but I wouldn’t think hard and long about calling Mekam. That summaries who he is.

How would you describe his wife?

Chinazo, from what I have seen so far, is a prettier version of Mekam. She is equally a good person. Sometimes you are not sure of what you are getting into or you are not sure of some people before you meet them.

I think Mekam made the right choice. She is focused, down to earth. She would complement him. I can’t say enough, Mekam made a right choice. It is very rare to see two special people coming together.

What is your prayer for them?

My prayer for them is that God should continue to preserve their union. They would continue to grow together in love. I pray that God would fulfill all their dreams. I pray that all their problems would be surmountable. Marriage is hard, but easier when you have the perfect partner. I pray that their marriage would continue to be easy. God would continue to provide everything that would make them happy.



DSC_0308‘Chinazo is my daughter’ – MRS. ADA OKOYE (groom’s mother)

How does it feel that your son is getting married?

I feel so good because my baby is getting married. I’m so happy. God made it possible. As a mother, how else do you expect me to feel? I am happy, God has done it for me.

What do you wish them?

I wish them happy marriage, success, endurance, any good thing you can think of.

What was your reaction when Mekam brought her home to see you?

I was happy, it was like having another daughter. She is like a daughter to me, very calm, very lovely.



recovered3309‘Who she is inside is who she is outside’ – KENNE OBIEJESI (cousin)

How would you describe the bride?

She is so selfless. She is like someone you meet once in life. She is so different from everybody else. She is a mixture of joy, peace, happiness. She is real. Who she is inside is who she is outside. When she comes out, that is who she is. She is so graceful and lovely. She is humble to the core. When you meet her, you would know where she is coming from. You would just say, what a lovely girl.

She is kind, never rude. She prays fervently, she prays so well. She tries to put everyone together just to make sure we pray.

What is your wish for her?

I wish her such a beautiful marriage, Mekam is so lucky to have someone like Chinazo.



DSC_0412‘She’s an intelligent lady’ – Ogechukwu Obiejesi (immediate younger sister)

Can we meet you?

My name is Ogechukwu, sister to the bride. I am a medical student.

How would you describe your sister?

She is very intelligent, one of the smartest people I know. She is only 26 and she has achieved a lot. She has a Masters. She is very smart, caring, old fashioned, down to earth. So, she is not frivolous at all. You can tell by the way she dressed to her wedding. She is well mannered.

What is your wish for her?

I pray she is happy. I want them to be there for each other.


recovered3291‘She is the best person I know’ – DANIEL OBIEJESI

Can we meet you?

Daniel Obiejesi, a bio medical engineering student in London.

How would you describe your sister?

She is a wonderful person, probably the best person I know, someone you can depend on. I am happy she has gotten married to the man of her dream. She is someone you can depend on. She would be there when things get hard.

What is your prayer and wish for her?

I wish them happiness, their hearts’ desires and also endurance because they need that to keep it working. I pray God would watch over them.


recovered3312‘Chinaso is a selfless woman’ – CHINEMELUM OBIJIOFOR (cousin)

Can we meet you?

My name is Chinemelum Obijiofor, a student of biochemistry.

How would you describe your sister?

Chinazo is an academy of beauty, grace, elegance. She is selfless.

What is your prayer and wish for her?

I pray the wedding would last. They would enjoy love, joy, peace and every good thing.


DSC_0176-001‘I wish then God’s grace’ – MRS. UTOMI

Ingredients that can make a successful marriage for the couple.

Once two come together, they would begin to have shared values which includes being honest with each other, being faithful to each other, looking out for each other, caring for each other, praying together, doing things together. If they do these things, there would be unity and peace at home.

Your prayer and wish for them?

I wish them everything they wish themselves. More important, God’s grace would be on their lives. They would live in peace, harmony and in charity towards each other and those around them.


recovered3294‘She is incredibly kind’ – WINNIE NWAPA (friend)

What is your relationship with the bride?

I met Chinazo in secondary school. We are friends and also family friends.

How would you describe her?

She is the most genuine, most authentic person. She is incredibly kind, she is such a good person.

What is your prayer and wish for her?

I pray that every good thing would happen to her, she is such a good person. I pray she is happy. I pray for a lovely family and that she would take her career to the next level. I pray she is successful and healthy.



DSC_0164-001‘I wish her the best’ – MRS. NGOZI OKONKWO (godmother)

How would you describe the bride?

She is a very beautiful and obedient girl, very intelligent.

What is your prayer and wish for her?

I wish her all the best, good children, happy marriage. She would witness her own children’s wedding in good health. I wish her every good thing.

As a godmother, how does it feel witnessing her wedding?

I am so happy, I feel on top of the world to see my own goddaughter going to start a home, not a house. You can see the parents, from the mother in-law to her parents, she would make a good wife. I love her so much.


DSC_0095‘She is the kind of daughter you would want to have’ – DR OBIAGELI OBIJIOFOR (bride’s aunty)

How does it feel that your niece is getting married?

I am really delighted, most delighted. I am very happy for my sister and her husband. I am also happy for Chinazo and Mekam.

How would you describe her?

She is an excellent girl, a kind of daughter you would want to have. Very humble, very obedient, always willing to help. She is like my point person in Lagos. Whenever I am in Lagos, I look for Chinazo, I don’t look for my sister. That is the kind of person she is. She is like her mother. She is fantastic. Mekam is very lucky.

What prayer do you have for her?

I pray that she would be really happy. I pray they would have a wonderful marriage. God would bless them with excellent children, excellent health and long life and give them their needs, not their wants.



DSC_0706‘This is the biggest wedding in 2017’ – OKEY BAKASSI

How would you describe today’s wedding?

It’s an event of monumental proportion. In fact, it’s a grand occasion. It’s actually the biggest wedding of 2017. And the most exciting part of it is that these two young people that got married today came from wealthy and successful backgrounds, and they themselves are very humble. That’s what makes it unique.

How were you contacted to anchor the reception?

I am close to the bride’s family. I was actually the master of ceremonies (MC) at their traditional wedding in the village. I have been doing things with the family for some time. We’re like family friends.

What’s your wish for the couple?

I wish them a very successful marriage, good health and God’s direction in everything they do.



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