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2Face opens up on marriage, late father and Kennis Music – ‘Marriage has calmed me’

-‘Why I broke down when I father died’

-‘I’m not going back to Kennis Music’

Since he lost his father (Elder Idibia) to prostate cancer, 2Face, who is better known as 2baba, has not granted any interview to any media except when he was unveiled as the headliner of Hennessy Artistry alongside Wizkid and during K1 Unusual Live concert media parley held in Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly attended the two events where the award-winning superstar spoke on marriage, late father and relationship with Kennis Music…

You’re one of the artistes to perform at the K1 Unusual Live concert. What is unusual about this concert?

In the last few years, we’ve had contemporary popular music concerts, but right now, we’re trying something different and unique, where the headliner will be a fuji artiste. This is unusual, and that’s why the show is tagged the unusual. KWAM 1 is not the type of artiste you see every time, seeing him headlining this show shows that it’s going to be an unusual concert.

2faceHow do you feel about it?

It feels great. I am a huge fan of good music, including fuji. I am also a big fan of King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal. So, it is a very huge honour and pleasure for me to be invited to be part of the Unusual concert.

How does it feel working with Wizkid for the first time in the Hennessy Artistry project?

It’s a welcomed development. The Hennessy Artistry is all about blending music and every other thing together. So, for me and Wizzy, it’s been a nice experience. We’ve not done any song before, this is the first collabo we are doing, and it was Hennessy that made it possible. He is a cool young man.

You recently featured on a song with your look alike-artiste, Jo-El in Hold On. What inspired the collaboration?

Yes, hold on, it’s been like a matter of curiosity and then many people have been saying this guy (referring to Jo-El) looks like me in appearance and style of music. So, we decided to do something together, for them to compare and contrast. Dem go know say no be the same thing e be.

Is it true that you’re signing a new deal with Kennis Music. Can you clear the air on this?

I still have a good romance with Kennis Music (smiles). It has been 10 years since the release of my first album as a solo artiste, and Kennis Music is planning a 10th anniversary of that album. The album has been re-mastered. That’s exactly what I am doing with Kennis Music. So, it’s not about 2Baba joining Kennis Music as an artiste.

Why did you change your name from 2Face to 2Baba?

Omo…no be small thing ooo. The name come dey English for my ear too much so I wan come down to Africa. So, it’s basically me going into another level and my new sound will definitely confirm it. “You sef go gree say na 2baba sound be this one, not 2face sound.” The truth is, I can’t run away from 2Face, that’s impossible.

Why the change of sound in your latest album, the Ascension?

For me, it’s all about the music, I am not afraid to experiment a new sound. I’m not afraid to put out what I record in the studio. That’s me being bold enough to do something that’s uncommon.

But, it seems the album is not really getting attention as expected. Why?

It is actually getting some attention but not like my previous albums. This is because this new album didn’t follow the pattern of my previous album Nigerians have already been used to.

Why did you do something like that?

That’s me. I don’t want to follow the bandwagon. I decided to do something different for the mature minds. That’s why you won’t see it being played at clubs. It’s not a club banger.

Why don’t you show off your wealth on social media like your other colleagues?

It is a matter of choice. Different things make it happen. Some people have it and they don’t mind showing it, some people do it so that people think they have it, and some do it so people go think say dem dey, and maybe some people “dey do am so armed robbers go come visit them”. For me, I’m not going to hide or flaunt my wealth but whatever I have speaks for itself. If e dey, e dey, if e no dey, e no dey, no ojoro involved.

Where are you investing your millions?

Apart from music, I’m into entertainment business. I have 960 Entertainment, Hypertek Music. I am also into a little bit of real estate and hospitality. Like I said earlier, I’m not limiting myself to entertainment business. If any business comes my way, I will venture into it so far I can handle it or my business  manager thinks I can handle it, I will go for it.

Accept our condolence on the death of your dad…

Thank you. He died of prostate cancer.

What are you doing to immortalise him?

There are plans. As a matter of fact, September 18 was prostate cancer Awareness Day and on that day, I didn’t celebrate my birthday, I collaborated with a Red Cross team for a cancer awareness campaign. It won’t stop there, I have other plans. It’s going to be continuous.

What makes you cry and when was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was when I lost my dad. When the doctor said he was gone. I was down, I cried because I was not going to see him again. Generally, I cry when people suffer for crimes they did not commit or when they are accused wrongly. It touches me deep down. Those kind of things make me cry.

DSC_0008What has marriage done for you?

For me, I would say it has made me calm down a little bit. It has reduced my waka waka now. I think it’s balancing my life.

Has any of your kids picked up a career in music?

Yes. In short, three of them are potential musicians, and I’m not forcing them, they actually know how to sing. So, I mean, I be natural coach be that.

2015 general elections is approaching, which party are you titling towards?

For me, over the years, I have never associated with any political party, but I have been associating with people. Like lately I have been advising young Nigerians. It’s time for us to move from the fence and take a bold step and choose a side. We would only keep complaining and we grow old on top complain. So, it will be good for us (young Nigerians) to choose a political party.

What party do you belong?

I never choose party ooo, but definitely I go choose one very soon. But it’s very important we belong to a party. If we all understand that every party is trying to work for the betterment of Nigeria, if young men, get involved, before long, they will start having a say in decision making. These men will retire someday, no matter what it is. But it will be dangerous if we just sit by the side and wait till they expire, so it’s only people like them that will take over. People with good intention for Nigeria should get involved and start taking part in decision making.

What would you say about entertainers in politics?

They are authentic Nigerians and they have the right to contest if they wish to do so. Right now, I’m not interested in elective post, I’m only interested in the process of election, peaceful elections, advising well meaning Nigerians to get involved.




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