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3 reasons Ambode should not demolish Mrs Banire’s bungalow

The purported plan of the governor of the good people of Lagos Akinwunmi Ambode to demolish the GRA Ikeja bungalow of the ailing 90-year mother of Muiz Banire in 48 hours should never happen!

Those familiar with power-play and life have advised the state’s chief executive officer to tread carefully following the press statement of the former Lagos commissioner accusing the governor of vendetta.
Whatever their political differences may be, circumspection is encouraged on the following premises as compiled by
1. Power is transient 
To be in charge is exciting, but it has an expiry date. In our democracy, a governor has only two terms of 8 years. And that day will surely come.
Leaders who are compassionate leave endearing memories. The test of power is to use it sparingly.
2. Karma is real
Whatever we sow, we reap. There’s no escape. If you plant rice, you can’t reap cassava.
And that reality should make us very careful.
Karma comes in different colouration.
3. Has justice been served? Has government exhausted all the legal options?
In matters like this, rule of law should be respected. Has justice been served? Did the courts order the demolition?
What danger does the existence of the bungalow pose.



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