3 reasons excuses for sacking Lagos chaplain don’t add up

The excuses for the sack on Monday, May 15, 2017, of the chaplain of The Chaple of Christ the Light, Venerable Femi Taiwo, and his eviction from the vicarage on the orders of Lagos government don’t add up.

Accused of seeking to be the spiritual family of the Ambode’s, looking for favours and privileges, converting the church’s to his and other misdemeanors, have failed to remove the haste in the sack, the eviction without due notice and lack of fair hearing.

Even if guilty of all the allegations, here are the time-tested procedure for sacking and eviction acceptable in decent, just societies:


  1. He would be issued queries by the governing board, and expected to respond to the queries.


  1. Thereafter, an investigative panel which is unbiased is set up, and all the issues are examined.


  1. If found guilty, he’s given a sack letter with long notice to vacate the vicarage.


Now, it appears Venerable Femi Taiwo was unjustly sacked and evicted.

It was reported that the church in Alausa, Ikeja (Lagos) was shunned by members on Sunday, May 28. Only nine of the 30 celebrating their birthdays in May showed up.

And grumbling about the sack reverberates across Lagos, taking the shine of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the centre of excellence.

What’s more, he has been offered a decent accommodation by a sympathiser…



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