5 things to expect from a luxury hotel

The idea of staying at a luxury hotel or resort is always thrilling, especially when it is your first time. From a well-equipped gym and luxurious spa with a range of good-quality exclusive treatments on offer as well as clean pools and saunas, the sky’s the limit when it comes to true luxury and you are bound to enjoy every moment of the trip. Ulike inns and budget hotels, luxury hotels tend to include all the amenities you can wish for, right when you want them

If you are planning on booking a hotel that will offer you a touch of luxury and relaxation, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 online hotel booking site has a list of 5 things to look forward to when you book luxury accommodations.

Astounding Facilities.

From furnishing to décor and amenities, the facilities in a luxury hotel should be high class, top-quality and definitely astounding.

The lodgings should include hot tubs, spas, tennis courts, saunas, and activities focused on creating an unforgettable experience. If the luxurious hotel or resort is located in a tropical area, there should be lavish beach chairs, and pool toys. The hotel roomsshould be spacious, comfortable with down comforters, plush pillows and should be quiet no matter how loud the city is outside the walls.

Also, expect an exquisite dining experience featuring top quality restaurants with a renowned chef and truly special menu. You should also expect the bar to have a wide range of drinks expertly mixed by skilled bar staff.

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Complimentary Touches.

There are certain things you should not have to pay extra for while lodged in a luxury hotel, including room Wifi, local phone calls (especially when you do not want to use your mobile phone), bottled water and coffee in the room, fitness center or gym use, and a breakfast buffet.

Exquisite Service.

A luxury hotel or resort should have well-trained and experienced staff who willing and available to make your stay pleasurable. Staff who can be discrete, but will be at your beck and call – right there a second before you realize you need them no matter what time of day or night. Staff you can also count on to respond to your queries with a smile, rather than a bad attitude.

Premium service, refreshment upon arrival, and a complete hotel menu and activity guide inside of your room are a standard. Bathrooms are completely pre-stocked, so do not worry about forgetting to pack your basic toiletries therefore, guests in a should get the feeling that they are known and valued.

Perfect Location.

Every sophisticated hotel be positioned in a central location making it easy for you to access all the fabulous shopping, tourist attractions and museums that the city within which it is situated has to offer.

Some luxury hotels will also offer a club or even casino on site as well as an ATM, so you do not have to leave the security of the hotel for a great night’s amusement.

Privacy & Security.

Above all, a luxury hotel must have high level security and privacy should be accorded its guests.

Rooms should be built and designed in such a way that windows and openings can be controlled by guests. Also, the environs of the hotel should have watch guards and security men on patrol at all time.

The availability of a safety deposit box is also important. Irrespective of how well they trust their staff, all luxury hotel rooms should include one of these to give their guests a measure of peace.



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